Are Electric Bike Conversion Kits Easy to Install

Are Electric Bike Conversion Kits Easy to Install?

Electric Bike conversation kits are the easiest and cheapest way to transform your regular cycle into an electric bike.

These are small, powerful, and relatively inexpensive kits, so why don’t more people opt for them?

Well, at first glance they seem a bit complicated for a lot of cyclists. However, with a bit you research you find that electric bike conversion installation is actually very easy.

With a kit, you can convert a light road bike or even add some extra power to a hardy mountain bike.

Electric bike conversion kit installation is simple. In less than an hour, you can have your kit installed and be back out on the road, this time with more power behind your bike.


What is an Electric Bike Conversion Kit?

Electric Bike Conversion Kit

E-Bikes are an increasingly popular vehicle, but you don’t need to buy a brand new one to get started.

It is simple to convert any bike into an E-bike with a conversion kit. This is a standardized set of equipment that can work with any cycle.

An electric bike conversion kit consists of only a few things. These are a motorized wheel or a drive unit to power your bike, a battery, sensors, and controls. To get started, you just need to attach a motor and connect it up.

Which are the Easiest Electric Bike Conversion Kit Installations?

Not every electric bike conversion kit is the same, but they can be broken down into a few main types.

While the process is different, each of them is easy even for beginners.

Font Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Font Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kits

These kits are full wheel replacements.

In this electric bike conversion kit, you get a motorized wheel, speed sensors, and controls.

When connected up to a battery, this front wheel is going to power itself and propel you forward. If your bike has a quick-release front wheel, this installation is child’s play. 

If you’re using a road bike, then this type of kit is definitely a better choice than a rear wheel.

Rear Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Rear Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kits

These kits are similar to the front wheel drives, except they use the rear wheel.

Having your motor power the back of your bike is much better for off-road cycling.

The downside tends to be weight.

You’re going to need a sturdier frame to do this conversion. This electric bike conversion kit installation is the same as a front wheel: quick and easy.

Mid-Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Mid-Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kits

A mid-drive electric bike conversion kit installation is different from the wheel conversions, but still quite easy.

This type of conversion kit adds a motor to the center of your bike, driving it from the middle.

This gives you the best of both worlds in terms of power.

A mid-drive kit provides you with a motor to attach to your crank arm, which will then attach to your entire chain system to power the wheels.

What Do You Need for a Simple Electric Bike Conversion Kit Installation?

Electric bike conversion kit installation is made simple with the right tools.

Outside of the bike specific tools, everything you need for the process to go smoothly is sat around in most toolboxes.

  • Adjustable Wrenches
  • Screwdriver
  • Bike Tool
  • Crank Arm Tool
  • Electric Bike Conversion Kit

How to Install an Electric Bike Conversion Kit

This is a step by step guide for electric bike conversion kit installation.

If you follow all of this carefully, you should be able to turn your bike into an E-Bike in no time.

How to Easily Install a Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kit

These steps are the same for both front and rear-wheel electric bike conversion installations!

Following them through shouldn’t even take more than ten minutes.

  • Remove the Old Wheel – Do this in the same way as you would when you’re changing an inner tube.
  • Inset Electric Wheel – Just like the last step, you can do this in the same that you would for normal bike maintenance.
  • Install Brake Levers – Remove your old brake handles and replace them with those that came with your kit, then reattach your brake cable.
  • Install Controls and Meter – Install your meter and throttle on your handlebar. Then tighten up the screws to secure them.
  • Connect Sensor and receivers – Your speed sensor needs to be connected onto your wheel spoke. Zip-tie your receiver over this.
  • Install Pedal Sensors on Crank Arm – Unscrew your crank arm with a wrench, insert the sensor, then add a washer to secure it in place. Finally, reattach your crank arm. 
  • Mount Battery to Bike – Install the mounting plate to your bike as easy as turning the screws into the place. 
  • Connect Your Wires – Connect your wires to the controls, they should be colour-coded to make this simple. Then use zip-ties to tighten them in place.
  • Test it Out – With everything done, all that is left is to test it out.

How to Easily Install a Mid-Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Installing a mid-drive electric bike conversion kit is a little more complicated than a wheel.

However, this can also be done pretty easily if you follow these steps.

  • Remove Crank Set – Use a crank arm tool or wrench to take take off your crank arm, then remove the crankshaft.
  • Install Electric Motor and Crank – Install your electric motor into the crankshaft. Make sure to use every washer that came with your conversion kit.
  • Install the Mounting Brackets and Secures for the Motor – This is a really important step. Tighten everything as you go to make sure it is properly secured.
  • Replace Your Crank Arm and Pedals – Do this the same way that you would with a regular bike. Make sure you’re using the left and right pedals on the correct sides.
  • Attach Your Chain – Take a link out of your chain to unhook it, then attach it to the new derailleur.
  • Mount the Battery –  As with wheel conversion kits, all you need to do is bolt it into your bike’s frame.
  • Attach Sensors – The speed sensor needs screwing into your tire’s spokes. The magnet sensor should be hooked up to the wheel too. These are simple to screw in and attach.
  • Position and Tighten Your Cables – Use cable ties to securely attach all of the cables to their proper places on the frame. This keeps them out of the way while you’re cycling.
  • Install Controls and Breaks – Install these on your handlebars and connect your new brakes.
  • Connect Up Cables – The cables are color-coded, so just hook them up the controls in the right spots.
  • Test It Out – Activate your motor for a brief test run. If everything is functioning as it should, you can neaten up the cables and attach more ties.

Electric Bike Conversion Kit Installation is Simple

If you use the right equipment, this should make electric bike conversion kit installation a simple and quick process!

After installing a motor and attaching a few cables, you can turn your normal bike into an E-Bike and get back on the road without much fuss.