About Rocket

Rocket Electrics is a locally-owned business offering premium electric bicycle solutions; retail, rentals, and tours for individuals, businesses, and communities founded in 2011,

Always innovative, the company pivoted away from traditional retail and has been operating out of a solar-powered “Launchpad”, which provides the capability to place a source for ebike riding just about anywhere. Encouraging families of all ages to 'ride together and ride forever', Rocket brought on woom bikes for kids. These exceptionally lightweight bikes are made for children 18 months - 14 years old, with age-appropriate bike parts on each size.

The Launchpad is a scalable, green, on-demand transportation solution which makes it possible to provide simple, efficient transportation that can reduce the number of vehicles on our roads and parking spaces needed.

The company includes Rocket Electrics, Pedego Austin and Rocket Tours.

Those interested in joining the Rocket Advisory Board or investing can send an inquiry to admin@rocketelectrics.com


Media Inquiries

Please contact admin@rocketelectrics.com for press materials or photos.