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Did ya know we are the #1 Outdoor Activity in Austin on @tripadvisor - this March we will be celebrating 6 YEARS Thanks for the ❤️! We love showing locals and out of towners our city! Public, private, corporate, and team building tours/rides, surprise parties, scavenger hunts, you name it, we’ve likely done it - with electric bikes! #ridearocket

Running home for lunch on a @riesemuller_usa Delite GT is so invigorating that it feels like your strength is tripled! Unlike your co-workers, you will be alert during that afternoon slump. 💪🏽🚀🚲🙌🏼 2018 - the year that an #ebike changed your life. It’s true, we’ve seen it! Link in bio ❤️ tag a friend who you would like to see ride more!

The weather doesn’t have to be perfect to have fun outside! The good thing about Austin weather is that it is likely to change quickly when it is less than ideal. And yes, you CAN ride an ebike in the rain but no playing submarine - submerging your motor or battery is never recommended. 😉

The blue skies will be coming back soon! Buying a @riesemuller_usa in Texas? Our free air freight February always applies to pairs! Come on in with your love and pick your pair! ❤️

It’s drizzly and chilly today. Even the buildings just want to wrap up and take a nap! Don’t snooze too deeply though - our #SXSW specials will be emailed to our previous renters this week!

How much has Austin changed in 6 years? The original @via313 pizza trailer has moved to outside the new brick & mortar while it’s renovated, but we will fondly remember the hundreds of #foodie tours that we amazed by thrilling their taste buds with Detroit style pizza at this little trailer. Oh great, now I’m hungry! 🍕🍕🍕

What’s not to love about Austin on a day like today?! It’s almost as pretty as the day we had an offsite meeting with @visitaustintx - we can call an ebike ride a meeting because it’s team building! 🚀🚲=💪🏼😄 Are you jealous @texastourism @aaa_texas ?

If John worked in a cubicle, it’s likely he would have this same stand next to his desk. The question is - how long would it take YOU before you’d want to ride it? Better yet, how long would it take you to ask your co-worker if you could ride their @riesemuller_usa ? Are you the person on the conference call holding up your very last sticky note to wave at your coworker, note reads: “WILL BUY YOU LUNCH TO TRY IT!” ? If so, you are in the right place. 🚀🚲☀️

Ahhh, it’s WARM again! Who is ready to ebike in 2018?! We’ve got lots going on this spring, so book your tours and SXSW rentals early! SXSW veterans know that **an ebike is the only way to fly during SXSW**

We wanted our staff to stay indoors and safe today - ice on the roads in a place where we don’t usually get ice makes for dangerous conditions. We will be open again tomorrow weather permitting!

FREE air freight ($300 value) on any Riese & Müller orders placed in the month of December! Start the new year with a new ebike - you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

Austin’s own Santa 🎅🏽loves electric bikes! He stopped by to tell us who is on the nice & naughty list, but don’t worry, every mile risen on an ebike is extra nice in case you need to get back on Santa’s good side! 🎄❄️☃️

Trying to get to meetings downtown doesn’t have to be such a drag. If you are downtown and need to get to the east side, there is no more efficient way than an ebike. No parking, no waiting for a driver - complete independence with each made-to-order @riesemuller_usa powered by a @boschebikeusa drive unit. (You’ll be wishing you had more cross-town meetings!)

Oooh, guess what we just received? A @riesemuller_usa Swing! This beautiful step through is ready to take you to work, run errands, meet friends...get to ACL, SXSW with ease.

When @via313 comes out with a brunch pizza, you can bet it won’t disappoint. It’s hard to ‘undersell’ the deliciousness you can get at their location at @craftprideaustin - you best go try it yourself. You can thank us later.

Hello @oracle - welcome to Austin! We should talk about the whole drive-a-car-to-work thing. We have a better solution for your employees and our traffic. 🚀🚲

The @pedego 2017 Dealer Meeting was a blast and it was exciting to see the new colors & new models and say hello to our friends at HQ, other dealers and vendors. Stay tuned here for info on our transition to Pedego Austin at our E Riverside location 😀🚀🚲

It’s ok to tell someone what you want for a present - and when that present is hand made for you, we want to take lots of time with you to make sure you get THE ebike that will make you wonder why you waited so long! Free air freight on all @riesemuller_usa orders placed in December!