cyndi and her ebike

CYNDI "Regardless of your situation try an e-bike"

Independence. Freedom. Speed. Control. May sound a little odd as reasons I love my Easy Motion Neo City ebike, but all true. I am 58 years young and have MS. The last 2 years have drastically impacted my mobility and I now require a cane to get around -- EXCEPT when I'm on my bike. I'm free, independent and in control when I set out for a ride. The speed, the feel of the wind in my face, is an added bonus letting me be me. With the full options of the pedal assist levels and/or full throttle mode, I can easily adjust my ride from an intense (for me) exercise workout to a lazy "get out and enjoy the day" experience. Both are great - and I'm calling the shots.

The Neo City is a smooth comfortable ride (the front wheel shock absorber works well) and shifts gears seamlessly both in and out of pedal assist mode. Equally important, the bike switches back and forth between pedal assist and full throttle without missing a beat. The only additions I have put on the bike are a water bottle and phone carrier -- both from Rocket Electrics. The hidden gem for me on the Neo City is, however, the back rack with bungie cords. Thought I would never use it, but turns out it is a perfect place for me to carry with me a folding cane (you can see it in the photo). One more step for independence.

Lastly, the folks at Rocket Electrics are no longer just folks but friends. The time, energy and patience they put into finding the right bike for me was genuine -- no hype or hard sell. The ongoing support has been equally incredible -- including providing me with Easy Motion bike rental locations (and restaurant recommendations) in California on a recent vacation. If only I could pass off my bike as carry on luggage life would be perfect.

Regardless of your situation try an e-bike. And get your own - I'm tired of my perfectly able husband borrowing mine. Enjoy!