Lynne with P&P ebike

LYNNE "eBikes - My Primary Form of Transportation"

I used to ride, semi competitively, when I was younger (30+ years ago!) I still wanted to ride as my major form of transportation but not in the shape I was in during my early 20s. I also didn't like the feeling of getting to work and needing a shower not to mention the hill from Red River up toward the Capitol is daunting at this point. While at Viva Streets, I saw Rocket Electrics and checked out the electric bikes. I thought that might actually be the thing to get me back out on the road and use as my primary form of transportation. That was the beginning of a great relationship with Nicole, John, and her crew at Rocket Electrics. I have rarely experienced a business with such customer focus. They are like a family. They take care of me and my bikes and make me feel very special - and Nicole always greets me with a hug and a smile (and so does Fleck, the shop's adorable mascot!)

Three years later, I have had 5 electric bikes (still have 3). I have 3 so that I am never without in case one has issues and so that friends can ride along with me (I have gotten several people hooked, hence, I sold my first two to friends!) Each one serves a unique purpose: Orange (Pedego Comfort Cruiser) is my workhorse that I use primarily for commuting to/from work. She's heavy and has bags so I can carry essentials. Emotion (Easy Motion Neo City) is lightweight, I can pick her up easily, and I use her to park outside in case I won't be able to see my bike. Red (Stromer ST1) is my long distance bike, I can ride her when I plan to see friends or attend events that are 50 miles or so round trip (the other two bikes are good for 20-25 miles max.)

I use them almost exclusively for commuting to freelance jobs and my work as a professor in a post-secondary institution. I also have all sorts of attachments: leashes so my dogs can run alongside (I can choose to use it as a regular bike as I want so I don't ride too fast for them), one for a kayak trailer (where the use of the electric comes in handy to pull the extra weight), and a dog trailer so that my older dog can ride when traveling distances over a couple of miles.

The great thing about them is that they can be used solely as a bike or, as needed or desired, with additional support from the electric motor. Most people do not even know it's electric at first glance because they are so quiet, they don't sound much different from a conventional, non-electric bike.

I have a conventional bike also that I never use any more. I love my electric bikes. If not for them, I am sure I wouldn't ride nearly as much but because of them, I lower my carbon footprint. I rarely drive my car at all and would be remiss if I didn't mention not having to worry about the hassle of Austin traffic and parking. I intend to ride for the rest of my life because of them!!