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The best accessories for e-bikes have smart features and a cool design. You can choose the ones designed to keep you safe and comfortable. Some accessories are there only for the looks. But, what’s bad about that?

Holidays are here and we’re psyched. The end of the year is the perfect time to treat ourselves to the latest and the best accessories for e-bikes.

We’ve been good all year, promise.




handle bars
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E-bikes are harder to control than traditional bikes, especially at high speeds. You really do need a pair of anti-slip and comfortable handle grips. Lycaon handlebar end caps are constructed with rubber, sponge, and aluminum. They are durable and of high quality. This e-bike upgrade is inexpensive, easy to install and the grips lock on tight.

Amazon users say: “These are excellent. Don’t let the price tag fool you. In this circumstance, you get much more than you pay for.”

Get LYCAON Bike Handlebar Grips on Amazon.


bike seat
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OUXI Bike seat surface is waterproof, non-slip, and wear-resistant texture PU leather. It has a high-density artificial fatty gel and MORE highly elastic sponge inside. This seat makes the rider more comfortable and away from the sweat and pain. Bike seats are essential accessories for e-bikes.

Buy OUXI Bike Seat on Amazon.

bike seat
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Another option is WOWOWO bicycle seat. Its surface is microfiber artificial leather that is wear-resistant, smooth, and anti-scratch. High-density gel foam and dual shock absorber springs provide a superior buffer and shockproof performance. Ergonomically-designed groove cools and relieves pressure. With this seat, you have no reason for missing out on a joyous ride. And, your search for superb accessories for e-bikes is over.

Buy WOWOWO Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle on Amazon.


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Excellent Quality — produced by the world’s largest bike components supplier HL CORP and complies with international bicycle safety standards. Build-in spring coil and damper rubber absorb the vibration while riding, increase the seat post comfort, and improve the shocks. A full aluminum body ensures lightweight. It fits for riders weight of 50kg/ 110lbs to 100kg/ 220lbs. The producers are confident in the product quality and offer 2 years warranty. Users recommend it because it is easy to install, and rides great.

Buy DJC Bike Suspension Seatpost Shock Absorber on Amazon.


bike mudguard
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Universal design for all kinds of bikes (e-bike, MTB) will keep your back dry. Bike fender can prevent splattering and flying debris from the front wheels, keeping you and your bike clean. The fenders are durable and light-weight. Installation is easy with the Quick-release system. You could easily swap these out to another bike with the quick release levers. Users are raving on Amazon about adaptability, durability, and great design.

Get RBRL Adjustable Bike Mudguard on Amazon.



bike cargo rack
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This cargo rack is sturdy and well-built from strong aluminum. Whether you’re popping to the shops, on a riding tour, or on a work commute, this bike rack will support your cargo effectively (even carry people). It has adjustable height and the length that you like. You can use this bicycle carrier rack with panniers, backpack, basket, and more. The rear fender comes included, as well as the red rear reflector. It is the most adjustable bike rack ever! With quick release installation putting it on and off takes just minutes.

Buy ICOCOPRO Bike Cargo Rack with Fender on Amazon.


water bottle cages
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Install both cages to take more water with you on longer rides. These are a great value for a set of 2 accessories for e-bikes. They’re easy to install and work great. They will hold your water bottle even on rough terrain. The water bottle cages have fully adjustable arms. They wrap around the bottle for a secure and firm hold so you don’t have to worry about it falling out during your ride. The material is lightweight, durable, and maintains the metallic black color for a long time. Note that these bottle cages are screwed into the bike frame, so you’ll need pre-drilled holes for installation.

One user commented: “The Bad: None.”

Get USHAKE Water Bottle Cages on Amazon.

cup holder
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This little miracle gadget is surprisingly sturdy. It not only holds your drinks (XL-size) but also your phone and keys in the mesh pocket. The velcro is adjustable to fit your bicycle handlebar. Waterproof fabric — you can take it out even if a rainy day. The only downside would be it is easily stolen. I would take it off your bike if you’re leaving it anywhere in public.

Buy kemimoto 4-Straps Bike Cup Holder on Amazon.


bike lights
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Bike lights’ main function isn’t only to light the way so you don’t get lost. Bike lights are there for your safety too. Make sure you are visible to other drivers to prevent accidents.

Designed with a full 7-feet of weather-resistant tubing and 20 micros LED lights these bicycle wheel lights for front and rear wheels create a brilliant, colorful glow that lights up the night. You will be seen from miles away. With zip ties, installation is easy. Users say they get stopped for positive comments and questions about where to buy these.

Get Brightz WheelBrightz LED Bicycle Wheel Accessory Light on Amazon.

led lights
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Ultra-bright headlight & taillight is CREE LED that generates up to 320 lumens to light up the entire road. You will be able to see clearly in every direction with the light’s 700 feet visibility. BLITZU Daytime Running Lights are designed to help you stand out when it matters most. Studies have shown that 8 out of 10 cycling accidents occur during daylight hours. This gadget is more than a bike light — it can be used as an emergency flashlight. The light is durable, impact-resistant, and water-resistant. And, it is USB rechargeable.

Buy BLITZU Gator 320 USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set Super Bright Front Headlight and Back LED Rear on Amazon.

bike light
Credit: Amazon

It is so cool to have smart turn signals on your e-bike! With so many functions, this is a no-brainer: GPS-Smart turn signals, Automatic brake lights, Auto intersection flashing, Custom colors and flashing, Glow-in-the-dark, Extreme battery saver, Mounts to almost anything, USB rechargeable. Even the price is right for such a powerful package.

Get ioLight USB Rechargeable Bike Light on Amazon.

side lights
Credit: Amazon

Clip to your frame and the ingenious amber side lights keep you seen at intersections where you are most vulnerable. Bright, waterproof, robust, rechargeable lights are a great addition to existing lights for any commuter. On its bright settings, it is bright enough to be noticed even during the day. There are two options of multiple flashing styles:  bright flashing, slightly dimmer flashing. Order this light – you won’t go out without it on, even in bright daylight.

Buy Brightside. Side Lights for Cyclists on Amazon.

reflective stickers
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In this pack, you get 12 pieces of reflective stickers. They are waterproof and washable. You can stick them on your e-bike, helmet, jacket, backpack, or wherever you think is useful for safety purposes. They are super visible and reflective.

Get 3M Reflective Diamond Grade DG3 Hi-Vis Waterproof Stickers on Amazon.

tesla lighter
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What would the light category be without a light? An e-bike simply calls for an e-lighter.

Ignite a fire with the push of a button using your new favorite lighter. Charge your lighter anywhere with a USB port. Tough Tesla works effortlessly in rainy or windy conditions. Electric lighter needs no butane or adjustments for altitude. It doubles as a flashlight with 3 settings, a para-tinder lanyard for lighting fires quickly & an emergency whistle. Perfect for camping, survival, or a backyard cookout. We are sure preppers and e-bike riders will love it.

Buy Tough Tesla Lighter 2.0 on Amazon.



Credit: Amazon

Getting a motorcycle helmet for e-bike riders is a good idea. You need more protection than a normal bicycle rider because you can reach speeds closer to scooters. This helmet exceeds DOT certification standards and doesn’t look too bulky on your head. The free smoke shield protects from 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. Additional built-in compartments are designed to encompass audio enhancement equipment or similar communication systems. A quick-release strap is here for convenience, as well as security and peace of mind. Plus, the inner microfiber material is fully removable, washable, and replaceable. 

Get GLX Unisex-Adult Size M14 Cruiser Scooter Motorcycle Half Helmet on Amazon.

smart helmet
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Stream your favorite music or listen to radio thanks to a built-in audio communication system. Mesh Intercom allows you to communicate with practically any rider participating in an open mesh. Group riders can connect up to 4 Sena R1 helmets. Bluetooth connectivity pairs to your smartphone so you can access features on-the-go. Verbal Commands give you control of the helmet’s features. Enjoy safe and secure rides with an integrated tail light.

Buy Sena R1 Smart Communications Helmet on Amazon.

smart helmet
Credit: Amazon

Kickstart is a smart helmet. Front and rear LED lights, turn signal, and brake lights are clearly shown on your helmet and connected via Bluetooth. When you are slowing down or breaking, bright lights on the helmet will warn other drivers. 360 degrees turn signals are controlled via the wireless Lumos remote or an Apple watch. The helmet is designed with protection in mind foremost. It has an impact-resistant EPS foam liner and PolyCarbonate shell.

Get LUMOS Kickstart Smart Helmet on Amazon.


cycling headset
Credit: Amazon

The Terrano XT is specially conceived and designed for bicycle riders. If you’re on the lookout for outstanding cycling communicator device performance, in a quality, streamlined water-proof package – look no further. Ideal for cycling communications, the Terrano XT cycling Bluetooth communication, and intercom hosts a wide range of features including hands-free phone access to fitness apps, GPS, and more. Four-way intercom, Music, Radio, Audio sharing, Two-channel Phone/GPS pairing, Noise Filtering, Auto Volume adjustment, Advanced control App, VOX, and so much more – there’s practically nothing left out.

Get Terrano XT – The Perfect Cycling Bluetooth Headset on Amazon.


cycling jacket
Credit: Amazon

The fabric consists of three layers that keep you warm and dry. The top layer is rugged. The second layer is a waterproof breathable membrane film, and the third is a nice soft warm fleece. Drop tail and elastic hem provide a precise on-bike fit to keep you warm in winter. An additional bonus is two pockets for storage that include one front zipper pocket. This find will keep you cycling all winter.

Get ARSUXEO Winter Warm UP Thermal Softshell Cycling Jacket on Amazon.

cycling jacket
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Unlike other reflective jackets on the market, the Torch Jacket is fully waterproof, stretchy, and does not sacrifice breathability for visibility. The MapREflect fabric design is made up of 11 international cities known for cycling. The streets literally light you up for maximum visibility as headlights approach. 4 red LED Beacon lights integrate on the cuffs and back of the jacket to provide high visibility at night.

Buy Showers Pass Men’s 3M Scotchlite Hi-Vis Torch Waterproof Cycling Jacket on Amazon.


cycling gloves
Credit: Amazon

These gloves are made of genuine reinforced leather palms and comfortable Lycra Spandex. They have a sleek, streamlined design and are durable, and machine washable. This is the BEST Bike Light for your cycling commute with 54 lumen LED. This turn signal features Ambient Light Sensors to increase brightness. These definitely will make drivers take notice and give way when you need to turn.

Buy Zackees Award-Winning LED Turn Signal Cycling Gloves on Amazon.

cycling gloves
Credit: Amazon

Winter cycling gloves are, first of all, warm, windproof, waterproof, and water-resistant. Double-layer waterproof makes it no bother for outside. These winter gloves have a unique and practical full-finger touch screen and anti-slip (leather) design. You can use your phone with the gloves on and it won’t slip from your hands. On top of that, they are incredibly comfy.

Get Winter Cycling Gloves on Amazon.

cycling mask
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Being outside is fun. But, you’re also exposed to the elements. Our clothes protect us well, but our face often gets forgotten. This headscarf mask uses a UV protection agent (UPF 50+) to protect your face from direct sunburn. It can also resist wind, dust, snow, dirt, sand, insects. The soft and light neck circumference keeps you cool. You can wear it like a neck brace, face mask, headband, headscarf, face mask, etc.

Get Fashion Face Cover Bandana Reflective Strip Cycling Mask on Amazon.

sports mask
Credit: Amazon

The dust mask is made of activated carbon non-woven fabric, comfortable to wear for protecting the face, and washable. It has a good windproof and dustproof effect. Military design filters provide excellent filtration. Built by comfortable and breathable 5 layers filter cotton, it can isolate 95-percent of dust, chemicals, exhaust, smog, pollen, etc. It fits comfortably under a helmet. Avoid inhalation of automobile exhaust when you’re riding.

Buy Anti-Pollution Sports masks on Amazon.

Credit: Amazon

Are you looking for a stylish pair of accessories for e-bikes like a pair of sports sunglasses with impressive lens clarity that will protect your eyes during all your outdoor workouts? These stylish shades provide 100% UV and Blue light protection. The lens is flexible, breakage-proof, resistant to shock, and ideal for cycling. Users recommend these great sunglasses also because of excellent customer service.

Get RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses Driving shades on Amazon.

Credit: Amazon

Who says you have to sacrifice glamour for the sake of sports? The modern-retro styling bike sunglasses are popular with both urban cyclists and style-conscious roadies. You get massive coverage with CoolChange’s oversized cycling sunglasses. UV400 lenses can block invisible ultraviolet rays 100%, ideal for use on sunny days. They are true cycling sunglasses because they have adjustable hydrophilic silicone nosepiece and temple tips to provide you a comfortable fit while staying in place in every bump. These are great accessories for e-bikes.

Get Cool Change Desir Cycling Glasses on Amazon.

cycling shorts
Credit: Amazon

Bike shorts with 3D padding in ideal place are sufficiently thick that provides decent protection on your bike saddle while long-distance riding. Bike shorts are further fitted with gel padding. It properly reduces vibration while on rides.  This cycling underwear with flat seam construction ensures a chafe-free fit, no rides up. Bike shorts are made of lightweight and breathable fabric with moisture management wicks away moisture quickly to keep dry and comfortable. The best accessories for e-bikes have 3D padding.

Buy BALEAF Men’s Bike Cycling Underwear Shorts on Amazon.


bike frame bag
Credit: Amazon

Users really like this bag for their bikes. It is very easy to install, stays in place, can see and use the phone through plastic, has enough room inside for money, id, and other small items and it is waterproof. The touch screen is very responsive. Build quality is very good. Velcro is strong to hold the bag. Overall, this is an awesome accessory for your e-bike.

Buy JHVW Bike Frame Bag-Waterproof Bike Accessories with Touch Screen Case on Amazon.

Credit: Amazon

Roswheel boasts large capacity: The total volume up to 37L (about 10 gallons). The material is reinforced polyester with PU coating, water-resistant, solid, and durable. It has reflective handles, and two side large reflective logos for better safety in low light. Angle design for two side bags ensures enough pedaling space.

Get Roswheel 3 in 1 Multifunction Bicycle Expedition Touring Cam Pannier on Amazon.

bike bag
Credit: Amazon

Rhinowalk is a creative brand owned by an independent designer and a cycling enthusiast. Each product has excellent design and quality. This bag is made of 840D double-sided TPU IPX5 waterproof material, anti-tear, wear-resisting, cold-proof, and heat-resisting, fully waterproof. The bag has a large capacity: up to 25-27L capacity, fully expanded to hold more. It is easy to fix on the rear-seat trunk rack with a quick-release system and has a carrying handle.

Buy Rhinowalk Bike Bag on Amazon.

saddle bag
Credit: Amazon

Bike saddle bag under seat is specially designed for mountain bikes and e-bikes for storage of bike repair kit or personal smaller items. The full zippered opening design (2 ways waterproof YKK zipper with elastic pulls for easy closure) is easy to access for rider’s convenience. The small bicycle tool bag is easy and simple to install. Using a strap-on mounting design, the bag attaches securely under your bike seat and to your seat post.

Get Rough Enough Bike Saddle Bag on Amazon.

Credit: Amazon

You don’t have to worry about the items in the bag are soaked and damaged when cycling on rainy days. The storage pouch can be used as a bike handlebar bag in front of a bike frame bag. Also, the pouch can be used as a crossbody bag or waist bag. The bag is lightweight yet large. Its capacity can reach 3L.

Get IPASUN Bike Handlebar Bag Storage Pouch on Amazon.

Credit: Amazon

You’ll always need more storage on your e-bike. Slim body design with high capacity is all you need. The triangle saddle frame pouch fits most essentials like smartphones, wallets, keys, small bike pumps, cable lock, repair tools, etc. The cycling saddle bag easily connects under the bike top tube with adjustable Velcro straps. Water and weather-resistant strong and durable polyester material help protect stored items.

Get Aduro Sport Bicycle Bike Storage Bag Triangle Saddle Frame Pouch on Amazon.

bike basket
Credit: Amazon

This is a front handlebar basket with a sturdy basket holder. The holder offers ample clearance for shifters, cables, and levers. It is ideal for carrying groceries, picnic items, and other small stuff.

Get Wald Q-R Bolt-On Front Handlebar Bike Basket on Amazon.

water bottle
Credit: Amazon

The double-walled insulation technology brings you superior heat retention performance, keeping warm up to 12 hours and cold up to 24 hours. Its 32oz/946ml large capacity covers the need for a weekend workout or outdoor activities such as climbing and hiking. Made of 18/8 stainless steel and premium BPA-free plastic with anti-fingerprint coating. We are sure that this water bottle with straw will accompany you for years.

Buy FRETREE Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle on Amazon.


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tool pod
Credit: Amazon

This compact storage container carries the essential repair kit for your ride in a standard water bottle cage. Water-resistant exterior with carbon look keeps contents dry. Two compartments ensure parts stay organized and the 180 degree zippered enclosure allows for easy access. The inner lining prevents or limits noise from interior parts.

Buy Speedpak Tool Pod on Amazon.

multi tool
Credit: Amazon

The ultimate trailside companion. These high tensile steel multi-tools feature a precise fit and finish and side grips for a secure handhold even with gloves on.  It includes 19 tools and comes with a tool flask.

M19 Includes:  chain tool: 8/9/10 speed compatible, spoke wrench: #0, 1, 2, 3, hex wrenches: #2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, open wrench: 8mm, 10mm, screwdrivers: Philips #1, Philips #2, flat #2, torx: t-10, t-25, and stainless steel carrying case.

Buy Crankbrothers M19 Multi-Tool + Case on Amazon.

co2 inflator
Credit: Amazon

The compact & portable CO2 inflator is a ‘design masterpiece’ that efficiently & reliably delivers ‘fast inflation’ when you need it the most, so you can get back quickly to the ‘joy of your ride’. Always carry a CO2 inflator with a couple of cartridges in a saddle bag or cycling jersey. You then know you’re covered for any rides with punctures. It’s your get-home remedy for a puncture.

Buy PRO BIKE TOOL CO2 Inflator on Amazon.

tire levers
Credit: Amazon

Super STRONG levers won’t leave you stranded with a flat tire and a broken lever. They are COMFORTABLE to grip and make removal of bicycle tires a breeze. Levers snap together for convenient storage in your bike tire repair tool kit.

Buy Gorilla Force | Ultra Strong Bike Tire Levers on Amazon.

puncture repair kit
Credit: Amazon

Vibrelli mini bike fits securely without leaks. It is made of strong aluminum alloy with an ergonomic non-slip handle. It has an easy clip-on bike bracket with a Velcro fastener, so it’s always there on your e-bike frame. For the ultimate ‘fail-safe’ solution, carry BOTH mini pump and CO2 inflator.

Buy Vibrelli Mini Bike Pump & Glueless Puncture Repair Kit on Amazon.

repair patches
Credit: Amazon

56 patches, 2 tubes of rubber cement, and two metal scuffers should cover all your needs. Patches in various sizes, both round and rectangular repair all puncture-related flats.

Buy Slime 56 Patches with Rubber Cement on Amazon.

bike cleaner
Credit: Amazon

The only Bike Cleaner with Nano Technology that penetrates deep into the dirt. It cuts through grime while protecting your bike’s finish. It is safe on ALL bike components and finishes. Spray on, wash off – no sweat.

Get Muc-Off MOX-904 Nano Tech Bike Cleaner – 1 Liter on Amazon.

cleaning tools set
Credit: Amazon

7 different brushes fit for different parts of the bike so they can efficiently and easily remove dirt from hard to reach areas or any other hygienic dead corners. The cleaning kit can do basic maintenance work, even can be used as daily household cleaning tools.

Buy SINGARE 7pcs Bicycle Bike Cleaning Tools Set on Amazon.


smarthalo light
Credit: Amazon

SmartHalo lets you ride smarter. This little gadget incorporates a cycling computer with light, GPS & navigation, anti-theft alarm, fitness tracker, speedometer, odometer, and assistant. That’s a mouthful! SmartHalo is a device that stays on your bike at all times, always there when you need it. It seamlessly connects to your phone and enhances your bike. Rest easy knowing your bike is secured by a 110dB motion-triggered alarm. Set goals and automatically monitor time, distance, average speed, and calories.

If you want an alarm on your e-bike, spend a little more on the Halo over the other alarm systems because of all the other goodies.

Get SmartHalo on Amazon.

bike bell
Credit: Amazon

The patented and registered design allows you to ring Trigger Bell while braking, turning, and changing gear, unlike a traditional bike bell. You can ring up to 5 times per second without changing your grip. Trigger Bell fits on the left handlebar grip and is pinged with your thumb (not your finger). This bell can be louder than a traditional bell.

Buy Trigger Bell – Unique Safer Bike Bell on Amazon.

bike rear view mirror
Credit: Amazon

The RearViz is the world’s first arm-mounted rearview mirror for cyclists. This is a rotatable mirror with a flexible, wide plastic housing and 2 medical ID tag armbands. The patented design strives to eliminate road vibration and provide a clear rearview. You get 5-year UV resistance, waterproof, and weather-resistance. Cycling has never been safer with the new wearable mirror. Who said mirrors are old-fashioned accessories for e-bikes?

Get RearViz Classic Bike Mirror Bicycle Rear View on Amazon.

u lock
Credit: Amazon

This is the new standard for mini U-locks. 11mm hardened max-performance steel shackle provides lighter weight lock while maintaining the security level of Evolution Minis. The wheel extender can secure either the front or back wheel while the Mini captures your frame and the immovable object. Increased shackle dimensions allow for a wider range of lock-up scenarios.

The Mini has a new bent foot double deadbolt design and reinforced cuff over crossbar and cylinder for additional security. Higher security disc-style cylinder is pick and drill resistant. Mini includes 2 stainless steel keys with coiled wrist key chains.

If you want a lighter weight lock (as you feel every ounce on a long fast commute), and something smaller that is easily stowed in your bag, and also hate how long it takes to wrangle flex cables used to secure a wheel, this is the way to go. This duo makes the best accessories for e-bikes.

Buy Kryptonite Messenger Mini+ Plus Wheel Extender Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock Bike Lock on Amazon.

helmet cover
Credit: Amazon

Protect your cycling helmet from bad weather, water, rain, fog, dust, and snow. Cycling helmet cover is made of high quality rip-resistant 190T nylon fabric. Reflective material on each side and the front with additional reflective stripes increase visibility during night cycling. It is compact. It will fit in your pocket or backpack in case of rainy weather. You can even use it as a shower cap.

Buy AYAMAYA Bike Helmet Cover with Reflective Strip on Amazon.


rain cover
Credit: Amazon

This cover is the solution for keeping your bike handlebar clean during a road trip. The perfect travel protection for bicycle handles mobile phone holders, computers, gadgets, and other gear parts. Vincita Handlebar Cover is made of waterproof polyester fabric, designed to protect your handlebar and gadgets from dirt, rain, and insects. It is simple to install and easy to clean. Highly recommended for all traveling e-bike riders!

Get Vincita Water-Resistant Durable Handlebar Rain Cover on Amazon.

bike cover
Credit: Amazon

This bike cover provides ultraviolet, waterproof, and dust-proof protection against any scratches on your e-bike. Adjustable elastic bands and windproof buckles prevent the hood from being blown away by the wind. Portable: Compact packing size and a free carrying bag with pull rope for easy storage, and for travel. Two anti-theft cloth keyholes are superior to traditional metal keyholes, without worrying about rust, metal falling off, and other issues. The cover is very suitable for bicycle outdoor storage.

Get Audew Bike Cover Outdoor Waterproof Bicycle Cover on Amazon.

bike floor stand
Credit: Amazon

Safely store your bike in your garage without leaning it against the wall, scuffing surfaces, or scratching your e-bike! The floor stand holds the front or back end of your bike upright while keeping delicate components away from clamping mechanisms. The spring-loaded arm holds the bike by the tire and the three-point contact securely holds the wheel in place. Note that it is not compatible with fat bikes. The easy fold-down design allows quick and convenient storage or transport when not in use.

Get PRO BIKE TOOL Bicycle Floor Stand on Amazon.

bike rack
Credit: Amazon

This is how to securely transport 4 bikes. The swing down feature allows easy access to the rear of the vehicle. Fits 2-inch receivers. It has rigid all-steel construction and an adjustable bike cradle with hook and loop straps. Note that it is not for use on RV’s, campers, and fifth wheels. You will like that it folds down and can be tilted so that you can still open your trunk.

Get MaxxHaul 4-Bike Deluxe Hitch Mount Rack on Amazon.

bike rack
Credit: Amazon

The Platform rack is designed for use on motorhomes, travel trailers, and fifth wheels. It has two bikes carrying capacity. It tilts down for easy access to the vehicle. Wheel mounts adjust to any size frame. Users love its sturdy high-quality design.

Get Stromberg Carlson BC-202BA Platform-Style 2-Bike Rack on Amazon.


For new e-bike owners shopping for the best accessories for e-bikes can be overwhelming.

It’s a whole new world of accessories!

We recommend starting with essential accessories for e-bikes that’ll significantly upgrade the way you ride. From there, go as far as your budget takes you.

With online shopping, pimping your e-ride is only a few clicks away.

If you hurry, you can take advantage of holiday sales and get your favorite accessories for e-bikes at discount prices.