Electric Bike FAQ

What is an ebike?

Electric bikes (ebikes) are great tools and they can serve a number of purposes. Most of our customers purchase their ebikes for no-sweat commuting, taking the place of a 4-wheeled fossil fuel powered vehicle. Others use their ebikes for running errands and recreation, enjoying how far and how long they can ride. Our commercial customers use ebikes instead of golf carts, Segways and other utility vehicles. With no license or registration required, an electric-assist bike is a great transportation tool for anyone who can ride a bike!

What is an ebike according to the State of Texas?

How many miles will I be able to go on a single charge?

Without getting too technical, depending on your ebike's battery, mileage can range from 20 miles to 90 miles per charge. There are many variables that affect your range. They include obvious things like your weight, your ebike's weight, the terrain (hills require more battery), and how much you are contributing with your pedaling. Range is also affected by tire pressure, the type of road (or trail) surface you are on, and - if you are pedaling - selecting the gear(s) which will help you contribute your pedaling power effectively.

Can I ride my ebike in the rain?

Yes! All ebikes sold at Rocket Electrics are rain/weather tested to withstand rain, but like any bike, it is best to clean and dry your bike after riding in wet weather (don't forget to refresh the lubrication on your chain after wiping it). If you get caught in a heavy downpour, is always advisable to take cover - for your electric components as well as your comfort and safety. DO NOT completely submerge your motor or battery in water as it can result in motor/battery malfunction or failure.

How do I choose the right ebike for me?

We would love you to come by the Austin store front, but if that's not an option, send us a little information about you and what you would like to use your ebike for and we will present you with a few ebike(s) that deserve your focused consideration. The ebikes that we carry are transportation-quality ebikes (not toys) and start at $2200. We occasionally have used ebikes for sale that are retired from our rental fleet or are from customer trade-ins that are less expensive. Financing options are available for any amount you'd like - just contact us if you would like info on financing.

What kind of maintenance is required for ebikes?

eBikes require no more maintenance than a regular bicycle. New to bikes or have never really done any regular maintenance on a bike? Our Rocket Wrenches can instruct you on the simple things that you should do to keep your ebike running in top condition. If you would like us to perform regular service for you, you can either come in or call and schedule a mobile service appointment! Need some help while you are working on your ebike? We can always help you virtually via email, phone, or video chat.

How long will it take for my new ebike to be delivered?

Depending on if your bike is in-store or at-warehouse, your ebike will be delivered within 48 hours to 2 weeks. It will be delivered unboxed, professionally assembled for FREE (exclusively for our Texas customers). Shipping is available on the shopping cart page for customers from ANY state. After your purchase, one of our team will be in touch to schedule your delivery or shipment. Keep in mind that although we do our best to monitor availability of ebikes from our manufacturers, there may be times when availability is delayed.

I'm not in Texas but I'd like to pick up my ebike at the Austin store

No problem! Simply choose "In Store Pick Up" on the shopping cart and select the date you'd like to pick up your bike. We can't wait to meet you and introduce you to your new ebike!

What is your return policy?

Electric bike returns or exchanges must occur within 7 days of purchase. If the ebike was delivered, the customer must communicate that they wish to return or exchange the ebike within 7 days..The ebike(s) must be returned in new condition with all associated manuals and accessory items. Returns/exchanges must be made with proof of purchase and photo ID. All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee plus any costs associated to bring the ebike back to new condition. There will be no refund of any labor charges for ebike customization. Exchanges are limited to one courtesy exchange. The 2nd ebike then received by the customer in an exchange transaction is a no-refund, final sale.

All returns and exchanges are subject to manager approval.

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