Rocket Electrics delivers for free to all Texas residents!

When you buy an ebike from Rocket Electrics, you won't receive a battered box of disappointment. We want you to LOVE your ebike! We will drive your new ride to your door - assembled, tuned, and ready-to-ride!

If your perfect ebike isn't in stock, no worries! Once you purchase your ebike, depending on your ebike's status (in-warehouse, or to-be-built), we'll coordinate your delivery to take place whenever and wherever it is convenient for you. We're not going to just drop it off and get your signature - one of our Rocket Wrenches mobile service crew who deliver your ebike will show you everything you need to know - including the operation of your ride, charging your battery, and what to do for general maintenance. Of course, we'd love to see your smiling face, so if you'd rather, come on by and pick your ebike up at one of our our Austin storefronts.

Your ebike from Rocket Electrics doesn't just include an ebike! As our customer, you'll also get:

  • FREE tune ups for 1 year after purchase (in-store tune ups)
  • Any warranty issues will be handled by Rocket Electrics. We have taken great care to build lasting relationships with our manufacturers to help resolve any problem quickly
  • Our dedicated Rocket Wrenches team will help you maintain your ebike - Hearing a squeak? Battery not working? Our mechanics can walk through any troubleshooting via video chat, phone, or in-house at our shop in Austin!
  • If there's no bike repair shops near you or your local mechanic is unfamiliar with ebikes, our Rocket Wrenches can schedule a mobile service call with you! Please contact us for more info
  • Continued support from our knowledgable staff throughout the ownership of your ebike

When you shop with Rocket Electrics, you're not only buying a top-quality ebike. You are getting the collective knowledge of a team of passionate individuals dedicated to ebikes who share your goal to use a bike more and a car less!