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Efficient Electric Bike Maintenance Guide

Electric bike maintenance is important for keeping your electric bike working properly and enjoying it for a long time.

You should know by now that taking care of all things will keep them in good shape longer. All things we own require good maintenance and proper care to prevent damage or malfunction.

Many people are put off buying an electric bike because they think maintenance is expensive. Electric bike maintenance is not so different from a bicycle, motorbike, or car maintenance.  It should be taken seriously because it is just as valuable mode of transportation.

You can adjust your electric bike maintenance routine depending on how much you use your electric bike and the weather conditions.

When done regularly electric bike maintenance is a quick and easy chore. You can do this yourself and visit the qualified bike shop less often, usually when you are faced with serious damage.

So, let’s look into weekly, monthly, and yearly electric bike maintenance.


Daily Electric Bike Maintenace

Battery. The essential part of electric bike maintenance is battery maintenance. The battery is considered to be one of the most expensive parts and therefore its maintenance should be a priority.

Taking care of the electric bike battery is essentially the same as for any other battery. You should charge it after each usage. Before charging, take the key out. You should charge it to full capacity. You shouldn’t wait to completely use up all of the battery capacity and then to charge it because this technique diminishes its capacity over time. An empty battery shouldn’t be left empty for a longer period.

To get the longest possible life out of an electric bike battery, you should charge it after every ride. It is a nuisance to charge the battery after an exhausting biking trip, but it is a mistake to leave your battery empty.

Tire Pressure. A lot of seasoned riders check tires often, before every ride, because the right tire pressure influences the quality and enjoyment of a ride.  You should also try lowering the pressure by 10 psi in the rain and feel the difference.

What can cause tire pressure change? The weight of the rider, the weight of the backpack and things carried, the weather (rain), the type of road.

The general rule of thumb is that firm tires are best for light riders riding on newer roads with few bumps. So, firm tires would be ideal for ideal riding conditions.

As soon as you add weight, you should lower the tire pressure. The same goes for riding on bumpy roads or harsher terrain. It’s just more comfortable. Have in mind that flat tires need more power.

electric bike maintenance tightening bolts
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Weekly Electric Bike Maintenace

Bolts. Electric Bikes have bolts in the seat, brakes, handlebar, etc. You should check on a weekly basis any bolts you can see and reach. With each ride, bolts can untighten and you can lose a part during a ride, which is highly inconvenient, to say the least. Of course, it all depends on how much you use or abuse your electric bike, but it can’t hurt to look closely and check. Make sure not to overtighten the bolts. This can seriously damage the bolts.

Cleaning.  In an ideal world, you should clean your electrical bike after every ride. But, cleaning it once a week will suffice to keep it riding smoothly. Make sure to clean off any dirt, mud, or possible debris. There could be small pebbles in the chain, so take them out and lubricate the chain. Cables need to be cleaned. They can get dislodged so sometimes they need to be put in place as well.

Of course, after riding in the rain, you should thoroughly dry the electric bike with a clean cloth. Take care of the battery itself. You should make sure you store your electric bike inside, away from the elements. If you can, don’t use an electric bike in winter. Electric bike maintenance in winter is more complex and requires more time and effort.

“Cleanliness is the hallmark of perfect standards

And the best quality inspector

Is the Conscience.”

JRD Tata

Monthly Electric Bike Maintenance

Chain Lubrication. You should clean and lubricate the chain at least once a month, depending on how often you ride. This will make you ride more smoothly.  Keep in mind to use the best-specialized lubricants (not WD40). The best product for this job is Muc Off. Thanks to its innovative design it cleans your chain literally in seconds. Muc Off also offers highly efficient biodegradable chain lubricants.

Adjustment of Moving parts. All moving parts on your electric bike need to be re-adjusted after certain usage.

If your electric bike gets louder after a while, this is a clear sign of the need for adjustment. This is a serious endeavor that amateurs should stay away from.

Yearly Electric Bike Maintenace

Brakes. Brakes are a vital part of any electric bike and should be functioning perfectly to enjoy a safe ride. You can check the brakes based on your braking experience. If you think there is a need for repair, take your electric bike to a specialist. At a professional bike shop, you can check whether your brakes are balanced or if they need replacing.

Wheels. You can check the wheels yourself by pressing them with your fingers. You should leave any wheels repairing to a professional bike repair shop.

Software. A software update is a must once a year if you want to be ahead of the game. If you do it once every six months, you’re being proactive, and that is always helpful. Companies may push new software more regularly in the future, depending on whether it is the display software or the motor. Keep that in mind and check how things are changing.

Electric Bike Maintenace Tips

  • Waterproofing.  You should waterproof your electrical bike against rain. Install fenders that protect from mud and dirt. Protect the display from the water. Don’t wait to get caught in the rain. Always have a raincoat in your backpack. It certainly helps if you have an internally geared hub. It is not exposed to the elements and therefore more protected.
  • Cleaning. Keep your eBike clean if you want it healthy. If you get caught in the rain, immediately dry the eBike. Take out the battery and dry it with a clean cloth. Make sure to wipe away dirt, mud, and debris. If you get a buildup of dirt, the cleaning will go much harder. You potentially risk scratching off the color and damaging parts.
  • Washing. When you wash your electric bike, don’t use a power washer. Powerful washers will take the grease out of the chains and other parts that need to be lubricated. You can use an ordinary garden hose, but a damp cloth is the best way to go. I recommend using Muc Off waterless wash. You just spray it on and wipe it off. Your eBike will be clean and shiny without any water. With Muc Off electric bike maintenance is a piece of cake.
  • Storage. Ensure a dry storage place for your electric bike. If you use it to ride to work, you shouldn’t leave it in the street outside long, exposed to the elements.
  • Manual. Every manufacturer sends instructions on how to use their product. Because every eBike is different, make sure you read the manual and get to know your new bike. All details about proper electrical bike maintenance should be in the manufacturer’s manual.
  • Transport. Before mounting your electric bike on your car rack, you should remove the battery and transport it without the battery inside. The battery should be safely stored inside the car for transport because it could be dangerous if damaged in an accident.
  • Heat/Cold. Adapt your electric bike maintenance to seasons. An electric bike shouldn’t be used in too cold or too hot conditions. Weather colder than 10°C drains the battery while riding below 0°C is not advised.  Extreme heat causes overall overheating and shutdown.
electric bike maintenance
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Do electric bikes need servicing?

Yes. You should take your electrical bike to a professional bike shop for servicing. Regular maintenance ensures eBike longevity.

How often does an eBike need servicing?

Depending on the usage, you should have your electrical bike serviced at least once a year.

Can you wash an electric bike?

Yes. Electric bikes are waterproof. Beware that you should always take out the battery before washing.

Should I clean my bike after every ride?

Yes. You should at least go over it with a damp cloth to prevent the buildup of dirt. Thick layers of dirt and mud are much harder to clean and can damage the frame and bike parts.

How do you look after an eBike battery?

If an eBike gets wet, you should take out the battery and dry it. You should never wash the battery. You must never charge it in rain or damp conditions.  If you use your electrical bike in winter, you should take the battery out and bring it inside to keep warm. Regular charging ensures its long life.


According to Statista the eBike industry is surging in popularity.

Electric bike maintenance shouldn’t discourage you from buying. It requires very little time and effort on your part but offers fewer repairs, lower professional repair costs, longer usage, and more comfortable rides.

To save money, you can do preventive checks yourself, and have your eBike serviced by a professional yearly.

With cleaning alone you can enjoy your electrical bike rides for years. Proper prevention and regular electric bike maintenance will keep you riding with no serious problems or damage. Prevention is key.

All in all, electric bike maintenance shouldn’t worry you. It is not much different than caring for a regular bike. For any serious problem, you go to a professional eBike technician.

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