Exciting ENVO Electric Snowbike Conversion Kit

Envo Snowbike kit is a low-cost conversion kit that turns your mountain bike into a fun, small, yet powerful electric snowmobile. Equipped with an electric snow track and snowboard at the front, Envo SnowBike provides the best stability, performance, and a comfortable ride in the snow.

People in colder climates usually have to say goodbye to their e-bikes over winter. Icy roads covered with snow are an impossible task for city e-bikes.

With this awesome kit, you can convert your mountain bike easily and enjoy it all winter. E-bikes are meant to increase the joy of riding bikes. With an electric Snowbike, you can enjoy riding now on the snow.


Where does Envo Snowbike Kit come from?

Envo Snowbike conversion kit is a brain-child of Envo, a fast-growing Canadian company that focuses on affordable solutions for clean transportation and electric drive systems.

They offer a range of well-designed attractive e-bikes and snow and water conversion kits.

Freezing Canadian weather was an incentive to build new, advanced solutions for e-bikes. Their e-bikes are already built to withstand icy temperatures. With the snowbike conversion kit, you can safely go off-road on exciting snowy adventures.

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The company’s in-house design and engineering, as well as in-depth, free technical sales support, are an excellent ad for Envo’s e-bikes. Just one look at their website tells you Envo is a reliable and dedicated company, with customers’ happiness in mind. Take your time and visit their customers’ reviews on Facebook or Google.

Envo blog is full of useful posts, and Forum is designed to entice conversations about e-bikes trends, opinions, etc. among inventors and dreamers. This sets them apart from other retailers who focus only on implementing various selling techniques.  

What is Envo Snowbike Conversion Kit?

Envo Snowbike is the first-ever developed Pedal-assist electric snow bicycle. You can pedal your way on snow. To activate the motor use the throttle.

Envo conversion kit replaces and adds parts to your existing bike.  With the kit, you only get extra parts. You provide the frame and labor.

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DIY is an essential part of the conversion, so brace yourself. Envo took a cue out of Ikea’s playbook with this conversion kits. You get the parts, the manual, and hours of fun spent in the garage during assembly.

Your bike’s rear wheel is replaced with a snow track with an integrated hub motor. The snow track assembly is highly customizable so, it possible to be installed on a wide range of bicycle frames.

Envo snowbike kit parts
Credit: Envo

For riding on hard-packed snow, your existing front wheel can stay. But, for looser snow, the front wheel should be replaced with a snowboard. Then, you get an electric beast of a snowmobile.

It has great stability and easy steering and is easy to learn and ride for everyone.

The Snowbike is lightweight and easily transportable at the back of your car.

What comes in the Envo Snowbike conversion kit?

Envo Snowbike conversion kit comes neatly packed in a box. You get 7-10 pieces, depending on the purchased version. This is a simple, minimal, and reliable mechanism that is easy to assemble and disassemble. However, if you are not mechanically gifted, you should ask a professional to help you.

In the box, you will get a rear snow track assembly, front fork connector, a snowboard, and controller system, a battery with 2 keys, a charger, and a chain guide.

The manual that can be downloaded from the website gives clear and easy to follow instructions with plenty of illustrations. Simple conversion can be done using Allen Key, even if you’re not an engineer, but definitely easier if done by two people. Note that the EnvoSnowbike will need some tuning and adjusting before you take it out for a ride.

Envo snowbike
Credit: Envo

Where to buy Envo Snowbike conversion kit?

You can find the conversion kit on Envo’s website. Currently, the kit is being sold for $2,789.00, with a HOLIDAY DEAL: $250 OFF. You can also search and find your local dealer through their website. There are around 30 shops across Canada that sell Envo e-bikes and conversion kits. USA customers do not pay any sales taxes.

Estimated delivery of products for Canada west is 2-3 days, Canada East 3-7 days, US 3-8 days.

Envo Snowbike Specifications

Dimensions: dimensions vary depending on the e-bike frame. It can be attached to various bike frames. According to the manual illustrations, you can expect the length around 260 cm, width 25 cm, and height 90 cm.

Weight: 34 kg

Material: aluminum CNC machined parts; snow track made of rubber and Kevlar reinforcement

Speed (Max.): up to 20 km/hr, 2-4 hours (per assisted ride), 1 hour of an unassisted ride

Range: Approx. 15-50 km, depending on road and snow conditions.

Battery: Lizard style 48V/17.5Ah Li-ion battery pack featured with Panasonic/LG cells with a working temperature range of -20 Celsius. It is powerful enough for a 1-hour full throttle or up to 4 hours continuous ride on the pedal assist.

Battery life: 3-8 years, depending on usage. They are equipped with Smart Chargers and a Smart BMS (battery management system). The ENVO Drive Systems battery is equipped with a 5-minute sleep function. If no activity is detected, the SnowBike will go into “static” mode to conserve battery power.

Waterproof connectors

Motor Type: DC Brushless Geared Hub Motor

Motor Power: 750W /1200W

Voltage: 48V

Max Torque: 120Nm @25A

Pedal-assist sensors (PAS): 0-5. The sensors can tell the motor to provide a boost depending on the selected assist level (0-5).

Thumb Throttle: it gives you an extra boost which activates the motor proportionally to the twist regardless of pedaling, just in case you cannot pedal or you need an instant acceleration or uphill push.

Waterproof and protection grade: IP54

Noise level: 55dB

Display Computer: LCD3 meter provides you with a variety of functions such as vehicle controls and vehicle status (trip time, speed, distance, power assistant ratio, cruise function, battery capacity, etc.)

Riding position: Rider positions may vary with experience.

Warranty: a free 12-month warranty. Additional extended warranty can be purchased for $5 per month up to 24 months.

Our Recommendation

Cycling is great. E-cycling is better. Then, snow cycling must be the best.

Envo Snowbike will take you on smooth and joyful rides as you have never experienced before. Now you can keep doing your cycling workout all through winter. It is ideal for shorter rides and errands. There is a huge potential for winter sports and winter tourism. Now, there’s a new way you can hit the slopes.

Additionally, you have it all without an environmental impact or noise.

For seasoned DIYers this is a must try. Who knows, maybe the Snowbike will lead you to Envo’s electric SnowKart

We are seriously tempted.