New Exciting Aostirmotor Review [2021]

If you have or are considering purchasing an e-bike, it’s important to understand the way they work, and what makes one of good quality. In this Aostirmotor e-bike review, we’re featuring a high-quality selection of bikes to suit different riders.

Electric bikes are a less pollutive mode of getting around, and they’re pretty fun to ride too! We’ve taken the liberty of testing out e-bikes of numerous styles, sizes, and functionalities. Our comprehensive review provides excellent e-bike options for a variety of lifestyles and budgets.

Do you need any accessories after purchasing an e-bike?  How long do they last? How do you charge an e-bike? We’ll answer all of these questions as well as inform you on what to look for, and give you a brief overview of the products that are available through Aostirmotor.

What is an Electric bike?

An electric bike, or E-bike, is distinguished from a traditional bike because it has an integrated electric motor. This motor is typically used to help with propulsion. There are a variety of e-bikes available globally, however, they all usually fit into two categories.

The electric bike can help the rider by adding a throttle, similar to the way a moped operates; or, it can help the rider with pedaling power. Both of these e-bike styles preserve the rider’s ability to pedal the bicycle. This makes them slightly different from an electric motorcycle.

E-bikes are powered by rechargeable batteries, and they can go on average, between 32-50km/h. Your more high-powered e-bikes can go as much as 160 km/h.  E-bikes are quickly gaining popularity and becoming a more energy-efficient method of transportation.

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Features to Look for When Buying an Ebike

There are certain features that you should focus on, no matter the reason behind buying an e-bike. Check out our list below of the main components of an electric bike that can affect its quality, performance, and efficiency.

The essential considerations that you must consider are battery range, price, weight, design, and motor.

Battery Range

The range of an e-bike can be defined as the distance that you can ride it after only charging it once. Different e-bikes have varying capacities, and therefore, different ranges. Determine how much you’ll be riding your bike and what purpose your e-bike will serve. The average range of an e-bike is 32-160 km/h.

One charge range:

  • Heavy-duty e-bike: 350-400km
  • Standard e-bike: 100-120km
  • Simple e-bike: 50-60km

Factors that can shorten your battery range:

  • Adverse weather
  • Starting and stopping frequently
  • Hilly terrain
  • The heavy weight of either the rider or the cargo
  • Tire conditions
  • Battery condition
  • Hard pedaling
  • Fast speed

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An e-bike is a large investment and you should be fully aware of what you’re getting for the price you’re paying. For example, basic accessories should be included in your purchase. This may be something like mudguards and lights, or it can be a front or rear basket.

Either way, locks, adapters, and chargers may cost more, but be sure you’re getting more than just the e-bike when you make your purchase. A higher price doesn’t necessarily mean better quality. Always purchase a product based on your personal needs and budget.


You’ll want to be aware of the weight of the bike for the simple fact that you can’t always leave your bike outside. The frequency of use and the bike battery are determining factors for how often you’ll have to charge your motor. You may only need to do this a few times every week, or you may need to recharge daily.

As a general rule of thumb, the lighter, the better. E-bikes tend to weigh around 20kg, but they can be as heavy as 43kg, or as light as 13kg. If your e-bike has a removable battery, then you can just take it off and bring it inside to charge.

 If your battery has been integrated into the bike’s frame, you’ll need to bring it indoors to charge. You should also bring it in charge during come weather conditions to preserve the battery.


Your e-bike should fit your style and body type. Its design should not only be sufficient for function capabilities but also for your personality. Factors such as an upright sitting position versus a more sporty or sleek feel can help you pick which e-bike is best for you.

What about single speed and gears? As you begin to pick which features matter to you the most, small details like a front basket, a rear carrier, a mudguard, etc., will be important in the long run. Additionally, don’t forget about the frame size, structure, and color when selecting your e-bike. 


There are two choices that you have when selecting an e-bike and the type of motor it has. There’s the hub motor and the mid-drive motor. These motors possess watts of power in increments of 250, 500, 1000, etc.

The best motor for you will depend on factors like the oath that you usually take up travel to and fro. Is it hilly? You’ll want a high-powered motor to give you that extra push on steep hills. If you’re generally traveling in city streets, a less- powerful, quiet hub motor will suit you just fine.

Additionally, if you’re heavier, this may require a more powerful motor as well.

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Aostirmotor Ebike Collection Reviews

These are the featured e-bikes available through Aostirmotor, and our review of each product. We’ve highlighted the best features of each, to help you make an informed decision as to whether they have an electric bike for you.

Aostirmotor Fat tire folding electric bike A20
Image Credit: Aostirmotor

1.   Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike A20

This premium electric bike features a 500W motor that is detachable and only requires 4-6 hours of charging to be ready to go. It also has a twist throttle, and you can also enjoy a five-speed boost and three different modes of riding.

The first time is called “Human Mode”, in which you ride the bike unassisted, as you would a regular bike. The second mode is the “Electric Mode”, which allows you to ride through the power of the bike motor as opposed to pedaling. The last version is the “Intelligent-Power Assisted Mode”, which is a combination of the electric motor and the rider pedaling.

This e-bike has a max range distance of 25-35 km, a user-friendly LCD, and the tires can accommodate multi-road conditions. It has a max speed of 40km/h. This bike also conveniently folds for easy storage.

Aostirmotor electric mountain bike
image credit: Aostirmotor

2. Electric Mountain Bike S07-B

This electric bike has a 750W motor, and has similar features to the first bike, in that it has three modes of riding, the battery is detachable, and it comes with a twist throttle. In addition to this, this bike has a rear shelf, a maximum range of 35-80km, and can reach a speed of up to 42 km/h.

The Electric Mountain Bike S07-B has shock absorption springs to absorb energy when going downhill which provides a more comfortable riding experience for long rides up or downhill. This e-bike also features fat tires, which are great for climbing steep heels. It is classified as an all-terrain bike that can be used in multiple weather conditions. Finally, it has an easy-to-use SW-LCD interface and a 7-speed transmission.

Cameo electric mountain bike by Aostirmotor
image credit: Aostirmotor

3. Electric Mountain Bike S07-C

The S07-C model version of Aostirmotor’s electric bike has. 750W motor, a maximum speed of 42 km/h, and it also comes on s very stylish army camouflage design.

This bike has a speed sensor along with pedal assistance, and it is suitable for adults of all sizes. The frame of the bike ranges from 165-190cm; excellent for riders who intend to use this e-bike moderately to more frequently.

Another convenient feature of this bike is that it also has a removable battery that is easily recharged within 6 hours, without having to carry your bike inside. It comes with shock absorption springs and is categorized as an all-terrain e-bike.

image credit: Aostirmotor

4. Electric Mountain Bicycle Fat Wheel S07-2

This electric bike has similar features to the other e-bikes made by this company, but it does have a few distinguishing factors. For example, the lithium battery on this bike is lighter than your standard bike, but it has a larger capacity.

This e-bike is the perfect option for moderate use on average terrain. The e-bike has a maximum speed of 45 km/h and a maximum distance range of 25-30 km/h.

Also, the interface is easy to use, and the bike itself comes in the colors of the American flag. This stylish design, along with the extended warranty for this model, makes it a frontrunner amongst electric bikes. The S07-2 model also has a 750W motor and a twist throttle.

5. All-Terrain Electric Mountain Bike S18

The All-Terrain Electric Mountain Bike, S18 model, has a 750 W motor, an adjustable bike seat, and can go as fast as 42 km/h. It also covers a max range of 35-70 km from one charge. It has a full suspension design that makes it perfect for all types of road conditions.

This model is great for users who intend to use this bike for more than their average daily commute to work. It has a sleek design and comfortable handlebars that make it comfortable for riding long distances. The battery is also removable, and the fat tires are very durable. This model comes with a warranty as well.

6. Mini Electric Bicycle S18-MINI

This mini electric bike is a good option for those who want to enjoy riding their bike throughout the city. It has a 500W motor, a removable battery for easy recharging, and it also comes in vibrant colors of red and blue. Beyond this, the mini bike has multiple sensors in place to protect against overcharging, overheating, and disconnecting.

The maximum range of this bike is 35-70 km, and it can travel up to 40 km/h. You won’t miss out on quality despite this e-bike being the mini version; it has the same high-quality fat tires as the other models, the LCD interface, and the front and rear shock springs.

Aostirmotor 1500 W ebike
Image credit: Aostirmotor

7.1500W Electric Bike Snakeskin Grain

This electric bike has a powerful 1500W motor, one of the strongest motors available for e-bikes. It has a removable battery that takes anywhere from 4-6 hours to charge for optimum use. This e-bike with Snakeskin Grain is a popular choice for those who want a unique design to their bike as they’re riding.

This version is a heavy-duty e-bike for more experienced riders. It also has a color LCD-display that shows the battery state, the speed, and the mileage for a particular trip. It can also get reset after every ride. It can travel up to 48 km/h, and it has a max range of 40-80 km.

Aostirmotor big front fork ebike
image credit: Aostirmotor

8. Big Front Fork 1500W Electric Bike S17

This model is another one of Aostirmotor’s heavy-duty electric bikes that is equipped with highly convenient features for avid riders. This bike has a 1500W motor, a detachable battery, and covers a max range of 40-80 km. It also travels up to 48 km/h, and it has rear shock springs to make your ride smoother and more enjoyable.

You can ride this e-bike along any terrain without worries. It has a sturdy aluminum steel frame and thick, durable fat tires that make for a more stable ride. This e-bike also comes with a color LCD interface that displays all of the vital information you’ll want to know while the e-bike is in use.

Aostirmotor city commuter ebike
Image credit: Aostirmotor

9. City Commuter Electric Bicycle S03

For the bikers that just want to ride through the city, nothing too major, this bike is for you. It has a 350W motor, but it has a high-powered battery that allows for a max speed of 45 km/h and a max range of 50-70 km. This e-bike has the standard LCD- display that isn’t in color but still provides basic information such as power, speed, and mileage.

This model doesn’t have the fat tires like the mountain bikes have because it wasn’t designed for heavy usage. It has the standard tire wheels that you would see on a traditional bicycle. It does, however, have bright headlights that make it easy to ride this e-bike through the city at night.

Aostirmotor fat tire ebike
Image credit: Aostirmotor

10. 750W Fat Tire Electric Bike S07-2-C

This Fat Tires Electric Bike has a 750W motor that pairs well with moderate bike use. It comes equipped with a powerful lithium battery that can produce throttle speeds of up to 45 km/h and a maximum range of 50-70 km. It comes with a unique rustic design of dark brown and tan swirls, and it can accommodate adults of all sizes.

This e-bike features fat tires that work safely on a variety of road conditions and a sturdy steel frame. The LCD interface also has a USB port for convenient mobile charging. If you like to ride your bike regularly and want something that’ll stand out amongst other bikes, this is a great option.

Aostirmotor mountain ebike
image credit: Aostirmotor

11. Electric Mountain Bicycle S05

This electric mountain bike has a 500W motor, and it is best suited for light to moderate use. The standout qualities of this bike are the rear brake lights and the front/rear shock springs that make your ride feel more secure. The beautifully vibrant colors of this bike make it not as mundane as some other choices.

You’ll enjoy a max speed of 45 km/h with a more basic range of 35-70km. This bike is of excellent quality, and it comes with the standard removable battery with quick recharging that all Aostirmotor bikes seem to possess.

12. Mountain Ebike Six Blade Integrated Wheel S05-1

This Mountain E-bike stands out above the rest because of its distinct design and colors. The wheels have an elegant blade design, and the bright blue, orange and black colors make it a frontrunner. The frame also has a sleek contoured design that allows for comfortable mounting by the rider.

Along with the prominent design features, this e-bike also has a 500W motor, a maximum range of 45 km/h, and a maximum range of 35-70 km/h. The battery is also detachable and recharges within 6 hours. This bike is best used for daily commutes or moderate rides in average to rocky terrain.

ebike maintenance
Photo by Kay Asante on Unsplash

E-bike Maintenance

An e-bike is stronger, more complex, and heavier than a standard bike. Therefore, there are a few more considerations when discussing maintenance.

Here are a few easy to follow steps to help you maintain the longevity and quality of your e-bike:

  • Have an experienced bike shop examine and fine-tune your e-bike at least three a year.
  • Always top-off your battery charge when you can, and try to conserve power as much as possible.
  • Make sure that your tires are always adequately inflated. The e-bike has to have stable footing beneath your weight and the speed at which you’re cruising.
  • Have your brakes checked regularly to ensure that your bike has the adequate stopping power to match the pedal-assist propulsion.
  • Clean, inspect, and correctly lube your bike chain. This system is crucial to safe riding; you don’t want it to get stuck!

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this Aostirmotor e-bike review gave you a bit of insight on the best e-bikes available from their brand. With so many different versions of e-bikes readily available, making the best choice can be hard.

 With Aostirmotor, you can rest assured that you have received an e-bike that works for any lifestyle. Style variety, quality products, and excellent customer service are the hallmarks of Aostirmotor. You shouldn’t hesitate to purchase if you’re ready to start exploring the world of e-bikes!