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All adult guests must know how to confidently ride a bike & be 16+ years old.

Our rental bikes make riding fun for everyone - even in the heat of a Texas summer - with a mere twist of the wrist! No need to worry about hills or getting too tired after only a little bit of riding. Our rentals can travel about 20 miles on a single charge and go as fast as 20 mph.**IF you are 5 foot 4 or under, PLEASE note your need for a smaller ebike within the Notes field on the reservation form. We will do our best to accommodate you!**

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Please note: Just like a hotel room or airline ticket, rentals on high demand days such as Saturdays and holiday weekends may be slightly higher than weekdays or non-peak days. For our Cancellation Policy, scroll to the bottom of this page. If you book a rental or tour, the Cancellation Policy will also be in your reservation email.

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OK, So You've Changed Your Plans: We're not trying to be meanies, but you MUST contact the shop within 48 Hours BEFORE the scheduled day of your ride to cancel and receive a full refund. If you don't call or write and decide to cancel your rental/tour less than 48 hours before your rental/tour, we will not issue a refund. If you do not pick up your Day Rental prior to 2pm, we'll assume that you aren't coming and will release your ebike to someone else - and sorry, we're not going to refund you. We know Austin is fun, but don't stay out so late that you sleep through your reservation.

Dang It! The Weather is Not Playing Nicely: Our guides are always ready to ride, but if the forecast reflects a strong likelihood for thunderstorms, sleet, hail, zombies, snow, dust storms, hurricanes, or if it is below 45 degrees (F) or above 120(F) on the day of your scheduled ride, it will be up to us to cancel the tour and keep you safe - we will "rain check" your reservation to another day (subject to availability) OR provide you a full refund.

I Booked A Bike Rental/Tour But During the Test Ride, I Am Unstable and Unsafe While Riding: For your safety, the group’s safety, and the safety of our equipment, all participants MUST be able to confidently ride a bike. If a guest is not riding confidently enough to travel safely on Austin trails and streets, Rocket Electrics will prohibit that guest from riding and will not issue a refund.