Nakto 26” Electric Bike Review

Nakto 26” Electric Bike Review

Body Position: Upright relaxed

Suggested Use: Commuting, cruising, Neighborhood

Total Weight: 50-70Lbs with battery

As we have found in previous reviews, ebikes are the new rave in the biking world.

Not only will you save yourself in gas expenses, but you will also enjoy the experience of riding these bikes. Whether you live in the countryside or within the urban setting is immaterial.

However, going through the entire maze of the array of bikes in the market can be mind-boggling. New makers of ebikes are popping up in the market like popcorn.

Worry not though, because we will separate for you wheat from the chaff. That is why in this review we will introduce to you a brand from a company with a solid foundation in ebike manufacturing. 

Nakto company is a renowned brand of ebike makers that have been in the bike market for some years now. They have a variety of ebike brands. Common among these brands include The Nakto Camel, Nakto classic, Nakto Super cruiser, and Nakto 26” Cargo. 

As you can see, it would be so difficult to casually determine which of the bikes mentioned above suits you. That is why in this guide we will take you through one of the bikes which is more popular(and for good reason) among its sister models.

Overview of Nakto Electric Bike

Bicycle Modes on the Nakato

The Nakto electric bike comes with sturdy high carbon steel frames that also includes forks reinforced with equally strong steel carbon materials.

For your information, that is the material used to make building in tremor risky areas. That gives you an idea of the strength we are talking about. Plus the Nakto ebike frames are cushioned with ample shock absorbers for maximum riding experience. 

In our testing we found their front V brakes and rear expansion brakes to be highly efficient. What is more, it rides on a 6-speed transmission gear system.

It has a 36 V Lithium battery which is removable for the purpose of leaving it behind for recharging. What does the recharging, is the smart Lithium charger.

If fully charged you can get up to 45kms of ride time per charge.

The Nakto 26” Cargo, also comes with a brushless motor which will give you zooming speeds of up to 25mph. It has bi-working modes abilities: 

  • Pedal-assist. The pedal assist is designed to ease your effort of pedaling. When you start to pedal, the sensors signify to the motor which is then turned on propelling you forward.
  • The throttle mode. This one is activated by engaging a lever. The throttle modes equip the ebike with power through the motor. Once the throttle mode is on you can sit back and watch your Nakto ebike do the show as you hold on the controls. It has 6-speed gears that allow you to adjust the riding speed as you wish.

Also, it carries on its front this cool basket. You won’t be able to ferry a ton of your stuff on the Nakto ebike basket though, as it is not so strong.

We cannot forget to mention that it has very powerful headlights, that would come in handy, in case you enjoy your ride and find yourself in the countryside darkness, on your way back home.


  • Body Position: Upright relaxed
  • Suggested Use: Commuting, cruising, Neighborhood
  • Electric Bike Class: Class 2 (Pedal assist, Throttle controlled)
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Bicycle Details
  • Total Weight: 50-70Lbs with battery
  • Battery Weight: Lightweight in a removable pack approx. 13Lbs
  • Frame Material: High Strength Carbon Steel, Aluminum alloy hub
  • Frame sizes: 26”
  • Geometry Measurements:
  • 43 inches Height by 68 inches Length
  • Folded Measurements: N/A
  • Gearing Details: Shimano 6 Speed Gears
  • Cranks: Aluminum 3 pieces of bike specialized
  • Pedal: Plastic platform
  • Stem: Steel
  • Handlebar: Aluminum alloy Handlebars
  • Brake Details: V brakes, Rear expansion brakes 
  • Saddle: Comfortable Waterproof Memory Foam
  • Seat Post Length: 25 cms quick release
  • Rims: Alloy Rims
  • Tire Brand: Kenda tires
  • Wheel Sizes: 26” (66.0cm)
  • Tire Details: CST BFT 26*40inches, inflated to 250-280KPA


Low step frame

Most bikes in the market have a high frame. These kinds of frames are very appropriate for our tall siblings. What about us the shorter guys.

Well, if you fall in the lower rung in the height department, the Nakto electric bike has you covered.

You are not falling off another bike as you mount and dismount if you buy this bike. The low step frame will reduce the number of dismounting injuries.


Dual Mode Controls

with the dual-mode it means you can have your cake and eat it. You can use the pedal-assist mode in which the motor sensors will move in to give you the much-deserved push.

You can enjoy pedaling while relishing the effort that comes with the pedal assist. Alternatively, you can go throttle way, in which you take a seat and watch yourself zoom up hills without breaking a sweat.

The geometry of the bike

it is very suitable for people struggling with back problems or old people. The Nakto ebike 26” is likely to give you more enjoyment riding it and still afford to feel comfortable after.

The structure reduces the sore effects that are common with old people after bike riding.


Not many of its peers come with a warranty. You don’t want your bike to be part of statistics of bikes that have been ridden for a few short months then they are dumped in the scrap metal junkyard.

That is why it feels good to have a bike like Nakto 26” cargo 250 that comes with a year warranty. The warranty gives you peace of mind increasing your riding experience.


There are few bikes that pack the same awesome features as it does and still be able to maintain a price range of less than $100k. It’s a steal.

Robust tires

for featuring 26” by 4CST fat tires the Nakto electric bike is a military tanker of the biking world. The tires can swallow a whole 30PSI of pressure.

What you have here is a juggernaut of a bike. You can comfortably plow through sandy paths, during snow or the rainy season, the fat tires will ensure your riding is a breeze as long as they are well inflated.

With these tires, your riding doesn’t have to be weather dependent.

Smart battery

Smart Battery System

Among other things the battery determines the speed and power of an ebike. And that is the attribute of the battery in the Nakto ebike 26” 250w cargo. The 36 V 10 Ah battery contains the juices that give this particular bike that kick that makes it overrun any terrain.

Therefore cruising at 25-30m/h under this kind of power will not be a big deal for Nakto 26”.

Moreover, the bike features protection against overcharge, has measures to regulate the battery temperature, short-circuiting and over releasing of power.

Of course, all that increases your safety as a rider and improves and overall riding experience.

Safe certified(EN 15194)

There are set standards by the International Organization for Standardization(ISO), that govern the safety levels of e-bikes. It is a worldwide accepted means of gauging all cycles with electric power assistance.

And for a bike to earn this badge it goes through a rigorous and stringent safety testing process.

Won’t you as a rider be more comfortable knowing the bike you are riding underwent such tests and came out sparkling? I bet you would.

Adjustable saddle

Let us face it. No one loves the idea of making frequent visits to the mechanic to have his bike fixed. Much less over some issues that you should be able to fix on your own.

Take the ebike saddle for example. Some ebikes comes with firmly fixed saddles that you must use at its position, leave it,  or make a trip to your local repair shop.

Not so the Nakto ebike frame fixed bike saddle. It comes with this quick release lever that you can easily adjust the height on your own for the best riding experience.



The Nakto 26” 250 tips the scale at 50-70Lbs.

The bike is therefore on the higher side of the weight spectrum. It outpunches its cousins whose frames are made of aluminum alloy that is used in the aviation industry.

The import of this, therefore, is that you have to be of the strong body structure to be able to comfortably pilot an electric bike of this weight.

However, this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker even for the people of the slight build as it has a low step making mounting and dismounting easy peasy.


NAKTO 26in 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle Tools Assembly

it is a positive thing that 80% of the bike comes assembled in the package. However, it is still a tough challenge to completely assemble it.

Plus, it has an instruction manual that does not make matters any easier. Trying to decipher the instruction is much harder than you would think.

Changing rear tire

if there is something that can dampen a riding experience is having a bike that you cannot easily repair punctures.

With this bike, you would need to have some skills of bike mechanics to maneuver through the hassle of changing the rear tire. Care is needed lest you damage the chain.

Cheap accessories

although the features of the bike are largely awesome, there are some of them that have let it down. Take for instance the kickstand and the basket.

They are made of low-quality materials and are not likely to serve you for long. 

Buyer Advice

Beginner-friendly bike

This arguably one of the best electric bikes to learn to ride with.

We all know one of the biggest challenges of a new rider it keeps the bike “up and running”.

As a learner rider, you keep on falling. With a high frame design, the learning curve is always set to be steeper. Not so with the Nakto 26” cargo which has a low frame design. 

You don’t run the risk of ripping off your garments as you mount and dismount the Nakto ebike. Injuries from falls are also minimal. The user experience is higher. This ebike is definitely beginner-friendly.


Camel Ebike Workhorse

if your weight can move the needle of the weighing machine higher, this is your bike.

The Nakto ebike is made from a strong material, therefore it can accommodate a much larger weight than other bikes of its class without caving in. 

Price comparison

And so it is named a cargo bike for a food reason.

Your cargo bike is a workhorse, that you don’t feed on straw. It’s your truck in the biking world. If you know you will be commuting a lot while tugging along your baggage, our buyer advice is you take this bike.

Not only will it accommodate your weight but some luggage in the front basket and more in the rear rack. It can comfortably combine approximately 250-265Lbbs of weight.

when it comes to price the ebike beats most of its peers. It has a sturdier frame, a more powerful motor, and superb durability. Therefore with these features, it beats many bikes priced at under $1000. 

For example, its sister bike, the Nakto Fat Tire ebike, doesn’t have as robust features. Some users have complained of the poor braking systems, weak frames and inability to be adaptive to offroad use.

In our view, the Nakto electric bike 26” Cargo, beats the Ecotric Fat Tire bike as well, for lacking the front suspension. Without the all-important front suspension, your riding experience would not be as cozy.

Health considerations

This bike would suit well the people with back issues and the older citizens. So much pedaling and straining may not gel with this group of people.

And that is how this bike fits into their riding experience.

The Nakto electric bike 26” Cargo has two propulsion modes: the pedal assist and throttle assist. So you would want to go for a bike with throttle assist for the sake of that bad back.

Wrapping up

We have highlighted the features, pros, and cons and buyer advice in this Nakto ebike review. Having considered all the above we can only conclude that the Nakto electric bike 26” is a good asset for most riders. 

It is one of the cheapest in the market today. But despite all that it comes with robust features such as durable carbon steel frames, Shimano gears, and a long-lasting battery. 

All these make the Nakto ebike 26” Cargo stand head and shoulders over its peers. The Nakto ebike is not perfect as we pointed above but that is a little negative compared to its huge benefits.