Here’s My Story

Easton Harris

My name is Easton Harris, and I’ve been riding electric bikes for years.

I live in California, so if it’s not already a dead giveaway, our communities out here try to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

I get to and from the office every single day via an electric bike, which makes things convenient and reduces my carbon footprint.

When I realized how many people didn’t know about electric bikes and how beneficial they could be, not just as transportation but for personal health, I decided to make Rocker Electrics.

It went from being a mode of transit to a hobby, really.

I started learning about the different types of batteries, the cells in those batteries, average charge times and battery lives, frame materials, and the list goes on and on.

Electric bikes are exciting, and they’re loads of fun to use. When I look at the way I’ve been able to save carbon emissions over the last few years, it makes me pretty happy.

Rocker Electrics is my place to talk to all of you who are either enthusiastic about getting started with electric bikes, or at the very least interested in learning more about them.

Here I’ll go over all the little tidbits of information you need to know before committing to an electric bike brand or model, and overall, we’ll make sure this is an investment for you.

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