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New Greyp E-Bike Ultimate 2022 Review


New Greyp E-Bike Ultimate 2021 Review

Electric bikes, or e-bikes for short, are motorized bicycles. Instead of relying solely on the force of the rider pedaling or “pushing,” an e-bike uses a motor to boost speeds and power.

Typically, e-bikes fall into two categories: pedelecs (bikes that boost pedal power) or bikes that add throttle, similar to a moped. They usually use rechargeable batteries for power and can be useful for a variety of reasons.

There are plenty of companies out there that make perfectly decent e-bikes, but none of them really compare to Greyp. Greyp e-bikes take electronic bikes to the next level.

The Bike Itself

No Greyp e-bike review would be complete without looking at the basic framework of the bike itself. After all, no matter how powerful an e-bike is, if it isn’t rideable, there isn’t any point in using it.

Fortunately, the Greyp e-bike is a solid choice when it comes to how it’s made. It’s an off-road model designed to look fiercely futuristic, with bright coloring and sleek lines. But how does that hold up on the road? Let’s look at it, piece by piece.

The Frame

Greyp was created by the Rimac automobile company that specializes in supercars, like the Rimac C_Two, a fully electric hypercar. Needless to say, this frame was constructed by experts.

It’s a T700 carbon fiber reinforced composite frame that has tech built right into it. The battery isn’t integrated into the build but is right there in the middle of the frame.

It doesn’t stand out or get in the way while you ride, but it definitely advertises that this is a powerhouse of an e-bike. Plus, the location of the battery makes it easy to remove to recharge. It also means you can swap the battery out mid-ride if you need to.

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The Greyp e-bike uses a dual-suspension frame that benefits from air shock suspension meant to be extra stable on those downhill rides.

It may seem a little stiff when you’re out in the wild on a ride, but that can be a relief when pedaling. Those air shocks will absorb those bumps and dips much easier, keeping your ride smooth and steady even on unsteady trails.

The air shocks make maneuvering a bit easier over rough terrain. This bike is heavy, so keeping things light where possible is a big bonus. After all, air shocks are lighter than coil versions.

Because these air shocks are meant for downhill rides, they’re larger than typical other air shocks, ready to absorb more resistance, feeling more like a coil than not. However, you still get the lightness of air shocks.


The seat itself is on a dropper post, an important feature on a mountain or off-road bike. But what makes a seat a dropper seat?

Simply put, a dropper seat post allows the user to adjust the height even when out riding. On the Greyp, you just press a button, and voila! The seat adjusts itself. You’ll stay comfortable, no matter what you’re going over (or through) on your ride.

However, it only gives you about four inches of leeway, which may not be as much as you’re looking for. Other e-bikes allow for more adjustment. Part of the reason is due to the location of the rear camera: it’s right beneath the seat, meaning mobility is a bit limited.

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Motor and Power Transmission

The Greyp bike has a top speed of about 44 mph, which is faster than most e-bikes. To get those speeds, they need a hefty motor and power transmission.

The Greyp packs a wallop of power at 12kW and a battery range of 81 miles. Because it weighs just over 100 pounds, it needs an incredible amount of power to reach those top speeds.

It features an SRAM EX1 power transmission, with a choice of five or eight-speed trigger shift to give you a different boost level. The lowest setting, one, gives just a bit of power, perfect if you’re on a flat road.

However, you can boost it up if you need the extra power to get up over a rocky hill. The transition of speed is smooth, even when going up to the highest level, so you don’t get thrown with a sudden boost.

All the Tech

The Greyp e-bike is so much more than just an electric bike. It won’t just boost your power when you need it over those tough hills or at the end of a long journey.

This e-bike is connected to the world wide web and has plenty of integrated smart features to enhance your ride, with custom software and apps, smartphone integration, cameras, and more.


Greyp says that about 80 percent of its research and development budget is allocated to software and technology. The e-bike runs on a version of Linux, which receives automated over-the-air updates and supports a range of sensors. This ensures that you’re never out of the loop when it comes to features.

The e-bike’s features are designed to support riders and provide an element of gamification. For instance, its integrated heart-rate monitor can nuance a rider’s experience when biking with others. Likewise, the adaptive software can dynamically optimize the e-bike depending on the strength of a rider’s conditioning, giving as much or as little assistance as needed.

Smartphone Integration

The Greyp e-bike comes with extensive smartphone integration and a dedicated app. An arrangement with T-Mobile means that riders enjoy unfettered data service with the purchase of a Greyp e-bike. This provides for continuous connectivity throughout the United States and more than 100 other countries.

This connectivity offers riders a high degree of control over their bike, including the option to remotely access its two cameras or disable the bike from afar. It also gives continuous GPS access, as well as plenty of telemetry data, topographical information, and navigational assistance.

You can monitor how far and long you’ve traveled, get suggested routes, and stay apprised of average and max speeds. Moreover, at your fingertips, you have the means to share content (such as video streaming or route tracking) in real-time. 


Two built-in cameras are integrated into the front and rear of the Greyp bike. Both cameras are wide-angle and record at 1080p and 30fps. They are always on, making them akin to a multi-use dash cam ready to be utilized at your discretion.

For instance, the rear camera can benefit from the e-bike’s live feed functionality to monitor any traffic from behind. The bike’s cameras also support Greyp’s anti-theft alert system. So, if you receive a notification that someone is messing with your bike, you can access its cameras to see what is happening.

Recordings are stored on the bike and can be quickly retrieved, shared on social media, or streamed live. The AI itself is even able to detect memorable events during your ride and ensure that they get preserved.

GPS Functionality

Greyp’s integrated GPS is designed to work in conjunction with many of the bike’s other core features. You can monitor a GPS track of the bike wherever you are, which taps into Greyp’s anti-theft system. If the bike deviates from its location without prior authorization, then you get a notification that something is amiss.

When out riding, the bike’s GPS further benefits Greyp’s app. They pair together to deliver riders annotated maps and suggested routes. Moreover, the app leverages real-time GPS data to help with power management. It does so by combining terrain data with the bike’s battery life and power-assist levels to show how far you can travel, or even if your proposed route is feasible.

How Greyp Bike Rides

There’s no denying that the Greyp bike is a beast of a machine. It’s heavy, has power, and is more connected to the internet than your average smartphone.

That’s all well and good, but how does it ride? Well, that depends. It’s designed for offroading with wide handles and a drop seat, so it can seem strange if you’re on flat pavement.

Before you can start, it should be hooked up to a smartphone of some kind. It even comes with a secure mount, just for this purpose. While yes, you can use it without the smartphone, you’ll want access to the app for all the bonus features.

There’s a 12 button console or control module, allowing you to start the bike, record a video, and upload that video straight to your social media of choice.

Unlike some other e-bikes, you can’t simply sit back and coast while the bike does all the work for you. No matter what level you use, unless you’re on a completely flat surface, you’re going to need to actively pedal.

The bike is designed for riding offroad, so that’s where that wide handlebar and drop seat are most comfortable. However, even on the sidewalk or road, this bike is comfortable for long-distance hauls.

That dropper seat post is especially a blessing. It allows you to realign your posture depending on what you’re riding over, without having to stop and dismount. It’s just one little click of a button to raise or lower your seat to its perfect comfortable height.

Braking and shifting are both smooth and responsive. You won’t have to clamp down on the brakes to slow a steep descent or to give you more traction as you round a corner.

If you need an extra power boost to get up a particularly steep passage, you don’t have to worry about losing your balance or control of the e-bike. It’s a smooth transition, even when you jump up to the max, with enough power to help without overwhelming your experience.

What Sets Greyp E-Bikes Apart

Any good Greyp bike review is going to have a comparison of the pros and cons. The fact of the matter is that there are some really great features that Greyp offers, and some that are less fantastic.

Let’s dive in and discuss what stands out and why.


It’s undeniable that the Greyp bike has more positives than negatives. It’s a solid choice for e-bikes, and it’s a powerhouse unlike any other:

  • Its speed: most e-bikes travel at 12-15 mph, with a maximum of 25 mph, whereas the Greyp hits almost twice that
  • Excellent GPS system: not only does the GPS tell you where you are on your route, but it lets you know how much juice the battery has left
  • Long battery life: the battery can last anywhere from 60-80 miles and is easily swapped out for a replacement
  • Social media connection: not only can you make a video of your ride at the click of a button, but you can also live broadcast from your bike’s connection
  • Quick recharge: it only takes about 80 minutes to recharge your battery and get you back out on the road
  • Gamification: if you know others with Greyp, you can compare your times and distances on your bike’s interface itself


It’s not all sunshine and daisies, however. There are a few areas where the Greyp e-bike could definitely see some improvement, or where it may not be as strong as some of its competitors:

  • Heavyweight: at over 100 pounds, it’s one of the heaviest e-bikes around
  • Tech is still buggy: because the software and apps are so new, Greyp is still working the kinks out
  • Wide handlebars: while these are perfect for off-road biking, wide handlebars like this can be cumbersome for someone looking for a commute e-bike
  • Tilted seat: again, because this bike is designed for rough terrain, the seat is situated at an angle, which can make normal riding on the road slightly uncomfortable

Why Choose an E-Bike

There’s nothing quite like an e-bike. They’re often compared to a hybrid of motorcycles or mopeds and bicycles.

That’s a pretty accurate description, especially with an e-bike like the Greyp. It cuts down the time spent on the road while also making biking more accessible in general.

Health Benefits

Riding a bicycle is fantastic exercise. It not only gives you great cardio, bicycling is great for your heart, but it may even help improve a person’s balance, how well they climb stairs, and even how they walk.

Even though it’s low-impact for those with joint and mobility issues, biking can be too much effort for those who are disabled or elderly. This is a shame as the elderly can especially benefit from improved balance, which decreases their risks of injury by falling.

An e-bike can greatly improve the accessibility of biking to those who might otherwise find it difficult, which is good news as biking can help build up bone mass, increase muscle density, and improve overall endurance.

Because e-biking is less arduous, it can be an effective way of starting an exercise routine, even for those who have limited mobility or arthritis. This way, bicyclists can build up their tolerance and endurance for exercise.

Biking, especially on an e-bike like Greyp, gives plenty of benefits when it comes to health, including:

  • Weight loss thanks to high-intensity aerobics
  • Increased muscle density, which improves strength
  • Core exercise, which strengthens a person’s back and abdominals and supports the spine
  • Improved focus, which can lower stress and depression thanks to a boost in endorphins
  • Low-impact exercise, giving people a way to work out and relax stiffness without damaging and stressing their joints
  • Increased heart strength and health overall thanks to the joint-easy cardio
  • Better brain health, with neurodegenerative conditions, like Alzheimer’s, seeing improvement

Environmental Benefits

Many of us choose to bike to try and do our part to protect the environment. Unfortunately, vehicles are a huge contributing factor to global warming, especially in the United States. Cars and trucks put out roughly one-fifth of the country’s emissions.

To illustrate, for every gallon of gas, a car emits about 24 pounds of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, the most dangerous of all.

The best part of the Greyp e-bike is that it utilizes rechargeable batteries, removing our dependence on fossil fuels. Biking is a fantastic alternative to using a car, but it can add extra time to our journeys.

That’s where an e-bike can be a blessing. It will shave time off your trip but won’t rely on fossil fuels to get you where you need to go.

Commute Benefits

Using an e-bike can be an effective way to commute to work without contributing to global climate change while saving the rider significantly in terms of the typical costs of driving a car.

An e-bike is also convenient in that it allows riders to bypass those seemingly inescapable traffic jams. That combines well with the fact that an e-bike’s average speeds, especially the Greyp, compare favorably with a city car ride, making the commute go by much quicker.


A Greyp bike is the biggest and most powerful of all the e-bikes currently on the market. It goes faster, handles more smoothly, and adjusts more easily than any other brand.

Of course, it comes with a few drawbacks, such as its weight and design based solely around rough terrain. However, all that considered, it’s a great option even on a smooth road. It gives more features and is more tech-forward than any of its competition, from its integrated camera system to its intuitive GPS.

Have a greyp day!