Best Cheap Electric Bikes (2021)

There are many benefits to buying an electric bike. Unfortunately, they can cost as much as $10,000 — and sometimes more, depending on extra features.

But what if we told you that you can get a perfectly good e-bike for under $1000? Well, we have done hours of research to find the safest, best quality, reliable, and cheap electric bikes out there that will not drain your bank account.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll not only go over why you should purchase an electric bike, but we have also compiled important information such as what to look for when buying a cheap electric bike. It is crucial to know about the different components of an e-bike so that you can align certain features with your specific needs and preferences.

If you’re looking for an affordable electric bike, read on. This article will go over everything you need to know before you make a purchase.

Advantages of an Electric Bike

Bikes are an excellent way to get around while also getting a little exercise. Because of the different settings on an electric bike, you can incorporate regular rides as part of your health and fitness regimen.

Here are the top benefits to purchasing a cheap electric bike:

Get Where You Need to Go Faster

This advantage is particularly noticeable when you live in an urban area with congested traffic at certain hours of the day. Enjoy the benefit of less stress while commuting. An electric bike within the proposed price range of under $1000 usually tops off at about 15.5-20mph. This speed is faster than your traditional bicycle.

If traffic starts moving slowly, you have the option to bypass roadblocks, weave through traffic, and even take side streets and alleys to get where you need to go. For those who want a faster way to travel through busy streets, a battery-powered electric bike is a perfect option for you.

Travel Further Than With a Traditional Bike

With an electric bike, you have an extended range of travel. Compared to a regular cycle, it is much more efficient, and you can travel longer distances. You can also travel through inclement weather conditions and up and downhill without concern for tiring yourself out.

If you live in a rural area where numerous open fields or stores take a bit of time to reach, you will be happy to have an electric bike that can get you there quicker than a standard bike could with half the effort.


E-bikes are more eco-friendly than cars are, so not only can you get to your destination faster than with a regular bike, but it doesn’t have to come at the expense of harming the environment. They do not emit toxic gases into the air, and they are about six times more efficient than a train.

Additionally, the batteries that charge e-bikes get charged with renewable energy, and they don’t take very long to reach full power.

Encourage Physical Activity

Studies show that those with e-bikes are more encouraged to engage in physical activity than traditional cyclists. If you ride your electric bike at least three times every week for around 40 or more minutes, you can increase your cardiovascular health.

Though electric bikes offer assisted pedaling, it is still some form of exercise. Since people aren’t tiring themselves out every time they ride their bike, they’re more likely to get back out there and ride again. This factor helps to alleviate the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Design Versatility

There are several different choices when it comes to the style of electric bike that you choose. You can select various styles, like a folding bike for more spatial convenience, a cargo bike to carry things, a step-through frame, and more. Also, different types of bikes serve alternate purposes; you can buy an electric mountain bike, an electric road bike, or a hybrid.

The electric mountain bike is built for hilly terrain and rocky roads. The thicker, wider tires help stabilize your ride, and some of the lower-priced e-bikes in this category only have front suspension. It’s good for some rocky surfaces, but you won’t get a lot of shock absorption.

This isn’t so much of a problem when you’re not mountain biking, but if you know you’ll be traversing challenging roads, you should opt for full suspension.

The electric road bike is the opposite; these bikes are also known as “commuter” bikes because they give you a smooth ride on flat surfaces. The tires are thinner and smoother with less tread, unlike the mountain bikes. This feature offers less of a dragging effect while riding. This type of electric bike is perfect for shorter distances around the city.

The hybrid bike is probably the most popular, as it’s the best fusion of the first two bike types. It can handle some degree of rocky surfaces, and it doesn’t feel too heavy while riding on flat streets. All electric bikes come with pedal assistance to alleviate any stress on your knees while riding.

Are Cheap Electric Bikes Worth it?

Some people have concerns when it comes to purchasing anything labeled as “cheap”. With something like transportation, can you trust getting anything other than the high-priced e-bike models over $2000? Of course, you can!

When it comes to purchasing cheap electric bikes, it depends on your personal needs. There are various types of electric bikes; some used to traverse hills and rocky terrain, others for short commutes. Just because you get an ebike under 1000USD doesn’t mean that it has to contain cheap quality parts.

If you’re trying to go much further than 30 miles or faster than about 25 mph, you’ll have to pay more than $1000. However, an affordable electric bike can get you from point A to point B without worries. As long as you’ve done research on the product and have read plenty of reviews, you’ll be fine. Affordable electric bikes are best for moderate use.

Young adults traveling around a college campus, short work commutes, or just general travel through the neighborhood is perfect with cheap electric bikes. Get where you need to go without breaking the bank.

The Best Cheap Electric bikes

Our recommendations include different bike styles to suit different needs. We’re confident that there’s something on this list for everyone, at an affordable price. Check out our top 10 cheap electric bikes!

nakto cheap electric bikes
Credit: Nakto e-bike Amazon

1. NAKTO 250W Electric Mountain Bike (4.2⭐)

The NAKTO Electric Mountain bike is great for hilly landscapes that require extra assistance. Since the motor is the only 250W, gentler hills and slopes are easier to ride, while it will require more effort going uphill and downhill on steeper surfaces. Nonetheless, the battery holds a charge for a long time, and there’s an LED display to tell you how much energy you have left.

Additionally, the battery has overcharge protection, disconnection protection, and overheating protection. The ON/OFF switch for the pedal assistance is easy to locate and operate, and you can’t go wrong with the loud horn to alert other drivers and riders of your presence.

The six-speed throttle gives you ultimate control over how fast you travel depending on the surface you’re riding on, and the bike comes in multiple colors. You can travel between 18-20mph, it has a front V-brake and a brushless hub motor located in the rear wheel. The NATKO Electric bike comes with a one-year warranty as well.

Things We Like

  • This bike has front and rear wheel suspension to give you optimal stability while riding
  • The lithium battery is removing for easier charging
  • The bright headlight makes nighttime riding safe
  • There are two sections of cargo space on the front and back of the bike for your convenience

Things We Don’t

  • The bike feels a little too heavy to some riders
  • There were no assembly instructions included with the bike
rinkmo e-bike
Photo credit: Rinkmo Amazon

2. Rinkmo Electric Commuter Bike (4.5⭐)

The Rinkmo Electric Commuter Bike can get up to 20mph, has a seven-sided transmission when using assisted pedaling, and supports light to heavier riders. You’ll love this bike for quick commutes around town. Though it can handle some forms of rocky surfaces, it’s best used for going to school or work, or general trips that don’t require much distance.

The battery only takes about 4-6 hours to charge, and it lasts for close to 40 miles of distance. You can remove the battery with a key from the bike frame for easy charging. Also, the gear hub motor is powerful and gets the job done at 250W. There’s an LED display on the front of the bike to make you aware of your speed level, and then the step-through frame gives that traditional bike feel.

This is the perfect bike for college students, those looking to get in a little extra physical activity, and workers searching for a more efficient mode of transportation every morning.

Things We Like

  • It comes with multiple speed levels depending on whether you’re in throttle mode (3) or pedal assist mode (7)
  • It has a sturdy aluminum alloy frame to give you a stable ride for hours
  • The bike accommodates heights from 5’2″-6’5″
  • The bicycle has anti-skid and wears resistant tires for a smooth ride each time

Things We Don’t

  • The tires aren’t as durable as advertised
  • The battery may start to spark after long rides
Rattan e-bike
Credit: Rattan Amazon

3. Rattan Electric Folding Bike (4.4⭐)

The Rattan Electric Folding Bike is one of the most versatile choices on the list. Not only does it fold up so it can be conveniently stored in the trunk or garage without taking up space, but it also comes with an extra seat on the back!

The front and rear lights make you feel safer when riding at night and you have a powerful 750W rear hub motor that travels up to 28mph. It can shift between seven speeds, and it has front suspension shock absorption. It has a shock absorption seat as well, to take some of the friction from the motor.

You won’t at all be disappointed with this affordable electric bike, it’s one of our favorites on the list due to the many features it has.

Things We Like

  • The bike has all-terrain tires to be used on snow, slippery, and dirt roads
  • It has a rear and front light that makes traveling at night safer
  • The bike is foldable and can fit in the trunk easily
  • This bike accommodates an additional rider (a small adult or a child)


  • The bike arrived in poor packaging in some cases
  • The bike isn’t necessarily rainproof
Speedrid e-bike
Credit: Speedrid Amazon

4. Speedrid Fat Tire Electric Bike (4.5⭐)

The Speedrid Fat Tire Electric Bike is another versatile option that equips you with strong and durable tires to tackle any terrain. The 500W motor can get as high as 24mph, and there are five levels of pedal assistance. You can also shift in between three modes: normal biking, pure electric, and assisted pedaling.

The switch to shift between these nodes is easy to locate and use. The bike also has armrests built into the sides to make for easy carrying up steps or into the house. This bike is also foldable and has a front light for safe night riding.

The electric bike has a six-speed transmission and also feels very smooth when riding on city streets and rural areas.

Things We Like

  • The bike comes with easy step-by-step instructions for easy assembly
  • The fat tires make you feel stable on bumpy and rocky roads
  • The battery is removable and easily charged at home or in the office
  • The front shock suspension takes some of the pressure off of your arms while riding

Things We Don’t

  • The battery takes longer to charge than other models on this list (6-8hrs)
  • The battery charger isn’t very durable and may have to get replaced sooner than expected

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eahora e-bike
Eahora e-bike Credit: Amazon

5. EAhora XC100 Electric Bike (4.4⭐)

The eAhora XC100 Electric Bike has about 350W of power, for an average max speed of close to 21mph. You get a seven-speed throttle shift, multiple riding modes for your convenience, and the battery is removable, just like the other models on this list.

The XC100 has a front light that automatically turns on at night, and the seat and handlebars are extremely comfortable. The bike is a little on the heavier side, so it should get used on moderate slopes. This bike also has a waterproof LCD dashboard display with data such as speed, time, range, battery, etc.

Things We Like

  • The ergonomic handle design provides comfort during long trips
  • The electric bike resembles a traditional bike which appeals to many riders
  • It comes in four different vibrant color combinations
  • The electric bike has crank motor assistance, which makes it great for steep hills

Things We Don’t

  • The motor can be a little noisy when riding uphill
  • The battery doesn’t last as long as advertised
Best Cheap Electric Bikes (2021) 1
Credit: Amazon

6. Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike (4.4⭐)

The Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike sports a sleek look. From the looks of things, you would never know that it was a motorized bike. The Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike has a mileage range of 15-30 miles which is crucial for anyone looking to commute with their e-bike.

With a max speed of 15 mph, the Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike packs more than enough power to get you from one destination to another. And if you’re worried about how you can go about keeping track of your speed and your battery life, the Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike also comes equipped with a LED screen that displays your speed and your battery status.

Furthermore, if you’re ever in need of immediate assistant/power, the Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike features a convenient throttle capable of being used whenever you feel the need to do so!

Things We Like

  • It sports an LED screen notifying you of vital information like battery life and speed.
  • It comes with a headlight that is a bright LED lamp to allow you to see at night and to make you visible as well.
  • It has a throttle which is convenient when in need of extra power—no pedal assist needed.
  • It comes equipped with a 3-speed smart meter button allowing for easy speed control.

Things We Don’t

  • The instructions to assemble the bike can be confusing and underwhelming
  • The battery may come ajar while riding

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dj e-bike
Credit: Amazon

7. DJ Folding Electric Bike (4.4⭐)

The DJ Folding Bike is an all-purpose electrical bike, built for power. This high-quality bike happens to be affordable, powerful, durable, and quiet while being easy to use as well. This bike can perform through the city or even on light off-road trails, thanks to the specially designed suspension made specifically to absorb the shock.

No matter if you’re a commuter, casual rider, sports fan, or a senior, this bike is for all walks of life. Furthermore, the 48V LG battery is removable; you can charge it anywhere on the go.

The DJ Folding Bike comes with an aluminum frame. Additionally, this bike comes equipped with a king meter LCD which allows you to track your speed and your battery life. The DJ Folding Bike features a very comfortable seat and has a power-assisted speed of 20 mph.

Things We Like

  • It has a dismountable LG lithium 48V 13Ah which makes for convenient charging
  • It comes equipped with Heavy-duty alloy rims 20″ built for the rigors of off-roading
  • It features front and rear cargo racks for any things you may need to carry aboard
  • It has a Bafang brushless 750W motor with peak power of 1000W again built to handle the city streets and the off-road

Things We Don’t

  • There are reports of the battery not lasting long
  • The brakes can come poorly installed
nakto e-bike
credit: Amazon

8. NAKTO Electric Cargo Bike (4.1⭐)

The NAKTO E-Bike is reinforced with quality materials and has a long-lasting battery to boot. If commuting is what you intend to do then the NAKTO E-Bike is the perfect choice for you. This e-bike can glide through the city as it traverses the countryside, this bike has no bounds on the places that it can go.

Thanks to the throttle you can enjoy speeds of up to 20 to 25 Mph as you use the power assist features while pedaling to complete your errands. What’s more, the NAKTO E-Bike has enough power to go 25 to 30 miles on the power of the motor and the battery alone.

And of course, you can pedal to increase this distance even further. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about rain because the motor is not only high speed but it’s waterproof as well.

Things We Like

  • It comes with a 100% one-year warranty, in case you run into any serious problems
  • The fat tires are suitable for city streets and off-road terrain
  • It features an LED display, keeping you aware of your speed as well as your battery life.
  • It has a range of 35-45 miles per charging with pedal assistance

Things We Don’t

  • There may be problems with the brakes
  • The durability of pedals are questionable and may not last very long

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macwheel e-bike
image credit: Amazon

9. Macwheel 500W Electric Bike (4.4⭐)

The Macwheel 500W Electric Bike makes cycling a breeze due to the smart pedal assistance system; moreover, when you’re embarking on long journeys and steep hills, the smart pedal assistance system will help you power through without completely exhausting yourself.

With this bike, it is entirely possible to go for a 30-mile bike ride without breaking a sweat; it’s all up to your preferences and how much energy you want to exert while riding. The Macwheel 500W Electric Bike features a 500W powerful motor and a removable battery which makes recharging your bike simple and easy.

This bike even has an all-electric mode that you can turn on with a flick of the throttle switch!

Things We Like

  • It has an all-electric mode that gets activated with a flick of the throttle, for when you’re too tired to pedal any further
  • It has a seven-speed gear transmission, you can choose any speed you like making controlling your speed simple.
  • It can go as far as 25 to 31 miles on all-electric mode, great range for long commutes
  • It has a large LCD screen, allowing you to track your speed and battery life

Things We Don’t

  • Sometimes upon assembly, the bike may be missing nuts
  • The bicycle struggles at times to power up steep hills
ncm e-bike
image credit: NCM

10. NCM Electric Mountain Bike (4.6⭐)

The NCM Electric Mountain Bike is a great bike for people of all ages. This bike features a Suntour XCT suspension fork, which is sure to make your rides as smooth as possible. Furthermore, Moscow has impressive stopping power thanks to the Tektro mechanical brakes to make sure you can stop quickly and smoothly.

The NCM Electric Mountain Bike boasts a 21 speed Shimano drivetrain that allows the rider plenty of range and control to ride on flat roads, or you can kick it up a notch to traverse steep hills. This cheap e-bike even comes with an upgraded display. If you’re looking for a solid e-bike, the NCM Electric Mountain Bike may be the bike for you.

Things We Like

  • It boasts a sturdy aluminum frame, great for maximizing the stability of the ride
  • It has an integrated USB port that lets you charge your smart devices on the go
  • It has a lithium-ion battery that allows for up to 75 miles of power-assisted travel
  • It has 21 gears for maximum speed control

Things We Don’t

  • The brakes may need to get adjusted upon assembly
  • Other parts of the bike may require tuning before riding it

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Components of an Electric Bike: What to Look For

Looking for the right affordable e-bike isn’t as simple as showing up to the store. E-bikes vary in style and ability, so it is paramount that you decide what you want your bike to do.

Here are a few things to be aware of when choosing an e-bike suitable for your needs.


Not all motors are the same. Below are the different kinds of motors you can expect to see when deciding on an electric bike.

1. Rear Hub Drive Motors: Rear hub drive motors come in different types: direct-drive and geared hub.

  • Direct Drive: Ideal for high-speed commutes on flat terrain. Not very good on steep hills, however it is perfect for exercise, fun, and transportation.
  • Geared Hub: Ideal for hauling heavy loads and traversing steep hills! Also works well for fun, exercise, and commuting. If the battery happens to run out the motor pedals efficiently.

2. Mid Drive/ Center Drive Motors: These motors are most efficient and generally allow for the longest range. These bikes are versatile and can get used for many applications: speed, commuting, hills, distance, fun, and exercise!

Batteries are much lighter, and they have a better center of gravity provides a better handling experience. These motors are generally more expensive than hub drive motors.


Lithium-ion batteries often power e-bikes. On the other hand, higher-end e-bikes typically have higher-tech batteries that charge quickly, last longer, and are lighter.

A battery will inevitably degrade over time and hold less of a charge as they age. However, the quality of the battery can make a difference in its lifespan.

The object is to look for renowned battery manufacturers such as Samsung, Panasonic, or Sony. Additionally, be sure that the battery has a warranty for at least two years.

The consensus is that Lithium-ion batteries last for about 800 full charge cycles. That equates to about three years of weekday commuting. These batteries can last longer if you take care of them. That means you should get about 2,000 half-charge cycles.

On a more optimistic note, batteries can even last for several years depending on the brand. A typical charge on a battery can last anywhere from two and a half to six hours, depending on the manufacturer, battery chemist, and battery capacity


The range describes the distance that an e-bike will travel on one full charge. The range is typically regarded as the most important specification for the bike. You can imagine the inconvenience endured when your e-bike runs out of juice as you’re climbing a cumbersome hill.

The range of the e-bike depends on the battery capacity, the speed, and the weight of the bike. Moreover, it depends on the assistance level that you choose, the percentage of the given pedaling power, and the profile of the commuting tour.

Therefore, if you’re only doing ten kilometers of daily commuting, then an e-bike with a 70 km range will be unnecessary for you. However, it’s still wise to purchase an e-bike above the range you’ll need because over time the range will drop as the battery degrades and ages.


E-bikes come in two main types—the most common being the pedelec. This system tracks the riders pedaling and automatically adds a specific amount of motor assistance. This is all dependent on the pedaling rate, speed, and force.

In most countries, the motor is regulated and limited to 250 W with a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Moreover, when you reach this speed the bike triggers automatically to shut off.

There are even fast, high-performance e-bikes that can achieve speeds up to 45 k/h. However, to operate these bikes, the rider needs a special license, insurance, and plates. The regulations vary from country to country so it is important to be aware of them before making a purchase.

Finally, there’s the twist-n-go. That means that a switch triggers motor assistance.


E-bikes have a tremendous amount of versatility, so much so that deciding on the reason why you’re buying an e-bike is uniquely important to the e-bike that you will ultimately buy.

E-bikes should perform many different activities such as relaxed cruising, cargo hauling, mountain biking, trail riding, downhill, sand and snow riding, child transportation, road biking, traveling, and urban commuting.

Before entering the store, it will behoove you to have already considered your primary use for your e-bike. Narrowing your choices down before going into the store will simply save you valuable time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a driver’s license to operate an e-bike?

Fortunately, e-bikes get viewed as regular bikes, with the only exception being e-bikes that can achieve speeds of 45 k/h. In this case, you need a special license and license plate.

2. Can I ride an e-bike in the rain?

The short answer is yes! E-bikes are supposed to be waterproof, and you can ride them in the rain. However, water can damage the motor or the battery if it’s submerged in it.

Furthermore, high water pressure can be a problem because it can get into the circuitry inside the electrical components and cause problems. So water is ok but should be avoided when possible.

Final Thoughts

Cheap electric bikes can be an excellent addition to your life. Cheap e-bikes can allow you to improve your fitness while at the same time disallowing your travel to be hindered by your fitness level, thanks to the motor assistance.

Hopefully, the list of cheap electric bikes that we have provided helps you get one step closer to choosing the perfect product. Whether you’re an off-roader or a light commuter, there’s a bike here that has everything that you need here on this list! Consider what you need and choose the cheap electric bike that best suits you today.