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Versatile Ancheer Electric Bike – New 2022 Model Overview

Just a few years ago, catching sight of an electric bike (or e-bike) in the city or on the trails was a relatively rare event. Now, electric bikes are all over the globe. Whether you’re looking for a fuel-efficient city bicycle, a comfortable fat tire style, or a heavy-duty mountain bike, the list of e-bike manufacturers has exploded–and nearly any rider can find a suitable model.

One of the most popular brands is Ancheer. Odds are, if you’re located in a major metro center, you’ve seen their city e-bikes rocketing around to and fro. Some people are serious devotees of the company, while others take issue with certain flaws.

So, what is an Ancheer electric bike, and what options do they offer? We’ll cover all the ins and outs behind this well-known brand in this company and model overview.


Ancheer Company Overview

As one of the most prominent e-bike makers in the U.S., one of the first brands you’re likely to encounter when shopping for a new bike is Ancheer. So, what’s all the hubbub about Ancheer, and what do customers think about them?

Who Is Ancheer?

Opened in 2015, Ancheer is a California-based company with its headquarters in Los Angeles. LA locals can purchase their full line of e-bikes in brick-and-mortar shops around the city, but the majority of their sales are online. You can buy Ancheer bikes on their website or through Amazon.

From the very beginning, Ancheer has marketed itself consistently. Their e-bikes are targeted to be a popular and affordable option. Since the electric bike market can be pretty pricey, with several top-tier bikes costing well over $1,000, Ancheer takes up a large share of the population with its budget-friendly models.

The company can keep prices low because they’ve made several long-term relationships with manufacturers in Taiwan and China. So, though their bikes aren’t made in the U.S., customers can still be assured that Ancheer is using quality materials from reliable sources.

If you’re searching for an entry-level electric bike with a strong build with quality aluminum alloy materials, then an Ancheer electric bike is an excellent first step.

What Are Their Electric Bikes Like?

You might think that a brand selling low-cost e-bikes sacrifices quality or durability. Instead, Ancheer’s reputation in the e-bike consumer population is very high. The company has done a good job of maintaining quality standards while keeping the cost affordable.

An Ancheer electric bike often includes high-end features that you wouldn’t usually see in a budget brand. All their bikes have a solid aluminum alloy frame and Shimano components. These features guarantee that cyclists will experience a lightweight ride and smooth shifting.

Many bikes in their inventory come with front suspension, high-capacity batteries, and disk brakes too. You would need to purchase a mid-priced bike with other brands or elect for added features if you wanted similar components. All in all, Ancheer electric bikes offer a surprising level of quality materials for the price.

What Do Customers Have To Say About the Company?

Reviews of Ancheer’s most popular models show a variety of reactions to their products.

Generally, customers are delighted with Ancheer’s e-bikes. Compliments go to several elements of the bike, from their shipping speed, ease of construction, stylish colorways, and quality battery life.

Other budget brands are cheaper than Ancheer, but the top comment on Ancheer’s pricing is this–it’s a bike that gives you all the essential equipment you need for high performance without all the bells and whistles.

The adjustable motor drivetrain gathered lots of praise. People laud its easy-to-use dial-based mechanism and the consistent power output of city and mountain bikes on inclines. The battery takes about six hours to charge, but it will outlast most rides under 30-40 miles. Many Ancheer e-bikes have over 1,000 miles logged, with plenty of life left in them.

Negative comments about Ancheer are harder to find. The in-house tires that come with the bike are often underwhelming and short-lived. The disk brakes are definitely on the lower end of Shimano’s offerings, and many riders swapped them out for upgrades.

Also, reviewers have brought up Ancheer’s way of shipping their bikes. They come 85% pre-assembled, but the company offers a sizable surcharge to ship the bike completely put together. If you’re comfortable assembling the front wheel, handlebar, stem, saddle, pedals, and kickstand yourself (with tools included), then you might be better off skipping the extra charge.

Customer service issues are also at the top of many reviewers’ lists of cons. Wait times can be excessive–understandable for a popular company.

Are Ancheer Electric Bikes Good?

Everyone’s review of a heavy-use product like an electric bike will depend on their unique day-to-day use. For the most part, Ancheer delivers on its promise of being the industry-leading brand of affordable e-bikes with mid-range features for added enjoyment.

Most quality electric bikes usually have several things working for them. Riders want:

  • A hard-riding frame for the city and trails,
  • Dependable brakes
  • A bouncy suspension
  • An easy-to-read LED display to track power, battery charge, and mileage.

You can expect these features in many Ancheer models.

The first time you step onto an electric bike, it can be a life-changing moment. “Why haven’t I invested in one of these bikes earlier?” many people say. Overall, Ancheer delivers a product that will check off most, if not all, your basic needs in a wallet-friendly e-bike.

List of Ancheer Electric Bike Models

Ancheer has made their inventory of bikes easy to navigate and choose from.

They sell four styles: Folding bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, and fat-tire bikes. Of the four styles, they come in six sizes. Measuring wheel diameter, the sizes go from 12’’, 14’’, 16’’, 20’’, 26’’, to 27.5”. All their bike frames are made of an aluminum alloy and feature a full set of Shimano parts. Prices range from $400 to $1000.

Folding Electric Bikes

Ancheer sells several varieties of folding e-bikes, suitable for kids and adults alike. Customers are usually looking for a portable, lightweight bike that still delivers impressive motor power with folding bikes. Let’s look at two Ancheer folding bikes in particular.

Versatile Ancheer Electric Bike - New 2022 Model Overview 1
Ancheer folding electric bike

12’’ Folding Electric Bike

This bike is the smallest offered by Ancheer. Though it’s ideal for children, it has an impressive 265 lb capacity. Weighing in at only 26.5 lbs, it can reach a maximum speed of 15.5 mph. Those are speeds that most mini-sized e-bikes can’t approach.

The 12’’ folding bike comes with a side-stand and rear disk brakes. Its 36V battery can charge in 3 hours. An added feature that many commuters will appreciate is the carrying handle attached to the side of the bike. You’ll have an easy time loading and unloading this bike from your garage and office every day.

26’’ Foldable Lightweight Mountain Bike

On the other end of the size spectrum, Ancheer has a heavy-duty foldable mountain bike. This e-bike comes equipped with a 36V lithium battery located at the front of the bike instead of the traditional spot on the frame. The bike stays light thanks to its magnesium alloy wheels and anti-rust aluminum frame.

If you travel a lot to get to your preferred mountain biking trails, the 26’’ Foldable Mountain Bike might be just what you need. It can run for 31 miles on Pedal Assist mode, and the motor reaches top speeds of 15.5 mph. An advanced LED front light comes standard, along with a set of suspension shocks on both wheels. This e-bike will give you all the benefits of a top-end bike with the price tag of a bargain model.

Ancheer mountain electric bike
Ancheer mountain electric bike

Mountain Electric Bikes

Riding an e-bike on backcountry trails can be the thrill of a lifetime. Negotiating tricky slopes and climbing serious inclines gets a little easier with the support of a strong e-bike motor. Ancheer offers 12 mountain bike models all across the size range. We’ll look at a couple of the most popular styles.

Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

Judging by sales reports, the Power Plus is Ancheer’s most popular bike model. For a good reason–this bike packs serious power with a 36V lithium battery that lasts 20 miles in flat conditions. Top speeds are around 22 mph with pedaling and throttle. You can select three speeds with pedal assist–low, medium, and high–which are enough variations to handle most mountain trails.

The Power Plus offers a powerful front suspension for help clearing rocks and potholes. The LED display is pretty basic, though. It uses five small lights to indicate battery life, with less than ideal precision. In response, many customers have resorted to alternative heads-up displays.

Electric Mountain Bike With Large Capacity Battery

If your trail rides last longer than the Power Plus can manage, Ancheer has another option. The Large Capacity battery edition features a similar frame and suspension as the Power Plus, including its 21-speed transmission and front headlights.

The difference is the battery, which will allow you to travel well over 30 miles as long as you don’t use the throttle continually. Overall, this model is an upgrade over the standard Power Plus that improves what was missing from the earlier version. There are better mountain e-bikes on the market that will carry you farther with a stronger motor, but this e-bike should give you enough oomph to enjoy most backcountry trips.

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City Electric Bikes

Electric bikes fit in with the metro environment perfectly. They allow you to reach speeds that rival automobiles in traffic, making it a no-brainer purchase if you’re looking to ditch the car. Ancheer sells seven city bikes with various features on each. However, there is one city model that has attracted our attention in particular.

Ancheer commuter ebike
Ancheer commuter ebike

Electric Commuter Bicycle

This bike has been designed for city use from top to tail. It comes with a high-performance brushless 250W gear motor to help you clear hills and navigate around traffic at top speed. The 36V battery takes four hours to charge and will get you to a destination between 17 to 25 miles away.

In the city, you’re often lugging around supplies for work or bringing groceries home. The Electric Commuter Bicycle comes outfitted with a heavy-duty cargo rack that safely stows away your baggage. The gear shifter has six speeds–plenty of options for city-goers all over the U.S. Both wheels have disk brakes, and the suspension is good enough to clear unexpected potholes and curbs.

The tires aren’t the best, and the steel frame is on the heavy end at 55 lbs. If you need a nimbler ride or a plusher ride, consider upgrading the tires or opting for a foldable frame.

Ancheer fat tire ebike
Ancheer fat tire ebike

Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Fat tire bikes have exploded in popularity over the last five years, and for a good reason.

They can operate efficiently in almost all weather conditions, for one. And, their unique design allows riders to access parts of the world that bikes couldn’t venture into before—namely, beaches, snowy areas, and wet conditions. Ancheer has several fat tire options, but the most popular model is worth looking at in detail.

26’’ Fat Tire Electric Bike

Looking at this e-bike, you’d be forgiven if you mistook it for a motorcycle. The 26’’ Fat Tire bike has enough power (a whopping 300W motor) to cross hazardous conditions or everyday city streets with ease. The motor will reach top speeds of 26 mph too.

A single charge on the removable battery takes about 6 hours, but it will last for a maximum of 25 miles. The added features make this e-bike into something like a swiss army knife on two wheels.

You’ll get a LED headlight, fenders, kickstand, and a Shimano Tourney six-speed transmission. Keep in mind that the handlebars and front fork aren’t explicitly designed to work like mountain bikes in off-road conditions. Instead, this bike is better used on streets, dirt, sand, and moderate inclines.

In Summary

An Ancheer electric bike is an investment in a quality product for an affordable price. Don’t expect the kind of performance you’d get from a $10K crank motor-driven machine. Ancheer bikes aren’t decked out with the suspension and lightweight frame of top-end bikes. That doesn’t mean they aren’t serious vehicles with serious credentials to back them up.

Ancheer is a great way to enter the world of e-bikes. Whether you’re outpacing traffic in town or summiting a mountain trail you couldn’t clear before, an Ancheer electric bike delivers all the fun and sweat-free enjoyment you’d expect from a budget brand.